Last Day Of Chinese New Year

Today, last day of Chinese New Year, 15th day of the lunar month, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day(according to my dad). Didn’t know that until my parents told me. LOL

Went for makeup lessons at 9.30am, well, the lecturer was very late and he cancelled the lesson. If not I can sleep longer. LOL. Went for the 2nd make-up lesson after that till 12pm.

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Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, school ended at 1pm for me(self declared). I got short memory. 1st I forgot that I have ordered a valentine’s day gift from my friend’s club and need to collect it today. If not for Klaus, think I totally forget about it. 2nd, I forgot to bring the voucher for Sakae Sushi, thus we went back home to take the vouchers before proceeding to Sakae Sushi at Hereen. We will be having the sushi buffet at student price. Hehe

Met Klaus and his girlfriend there too, thus we sat together in a 4 persons table rather that the “counter seat”, where it is so cramp. The restaurant was crowded, almost all couples. Even on the streets of Orchard Road, so many couple and so many people carrying flowers around. LOL

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Hari Raya Haji

Today is Hari Raya Haji, public holiday for all of us. I woke up at 1.30pm, called Lucas to ask him where is he, he told me he wants to go Suntec.

Ate my lunch although it suppose to be my breakfast. Met him and a few or my friends including Shaun at about 3pm in around Suntec Area.

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C&C Generals

School ended at 5.30pm, considered early, it not it is at 6pm. Well this lesson of PCT last longer because some of my coursemates which I don’t know who, feedback during the dialog session that our PCT lecturer is going too fast and always release us so early. I don’t even know how come got people complain if lecturer release us early. Weird.

Anyway, went to Funan after that to collect my C&C Generals, took the US box, paid $54.90 for it as I had paid $10 for the deposit. Got a mouse-pad(inside the box) and a t-shirt, wonder if it comes with poster or not, because I didn’t receive it.

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River HongBao 2003

School ended at 3pm for me and Lian. We went to Orchard for a walk. Lian wanted to go Kinokoniya at Ngee Ang City and HMV to look for her stuffs. At first she told me she wanted to go buy jeans, but she say school work more important, so we end up going to Orchard.

Came home to put down my bag and rest for a while before meeting my secondary school friends at Tiong Bahru Plaza for our CNY reunion dinner. 12 of them came, including our “long lost” friend, Lucas, who went to LA to study and he just came back for a vacation today at about 1pm. He will be leaving on Friday, 9.45am flight.

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Sunday In Suntec

Woke up at 11.30am today, went to visit my mom’s ex-colleague, an annual CNY gathering. Had lunch there. Left the house about 2.30pm

Went to Bras Basah after that to look for my brother Table-Tennis shoes. I didn’t know Table-Tennis also got shoes. LOL. Unfortunately the shop did not open on Sunday.

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Cooling Thursday

Today was a cooling day, whole day my body doesn’t feel warm at all. School ended earlier as usual at about 5pm, our VBAS tutorial always end early.

Took MRT to Bugis. Went there to look-see look-see and also Lian wanted to eat Mos Burger and to buy my Valentine’s day present. Walked a few rounds around Bugis Junction but Lian still don’t know what to buy for me, so I told her to buy something practical and nice. Will not be revealing what thing it is until Valentine’s Day. =D

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Poly Friends Steamboat Dinner

School ended at 1pm for me today. Stayed in school till 3pm doing MMAD Assignment Task 2 while waiting for pinktasy and gang to finish their lessons.

Lian’s group of friends and my group of friends came my house for a CNY steamboat dinner. There was plenty of food for the steamboat. Overall it was quite fun although I am a bad host(I ask them to treat it as their own house). First time so many friends in my house. Will be organising it again if I have the time(assignments stress is coming).

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2nd PCT Lesson

Had my 2nd PCT lesson today even though it is 5th week of school. It is alternate week and the lecturer went for reservice for a week. Ended early as usual, the lecturer is good.

Went to Suntec after school with Lian. We shared a Kenny Roger’s meal as both of us are hungry. Actually Kenny Rogers is quite cheap. Bought Lian Valentine’s Day’s present there. Exactly 10 days more to Valentine’s Day. =D

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Indian Cuisine

Woke up at 11.30am again. Went to fetch Lian then proceed to my mom friend’s place for an Indian Cuisine lunch. The food is good, better then last year (last year we also went to her place).

Left her place at about 2.30pm, then we proceed to my grandmother’s(mom’s side) place for a while. Went back home to rest after that.

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