I wonder if anybody is interested in this plugin which I think I may name it WP-Downloads. I ported it over from my WP 1.5.2 Site (http://www.lesterchan.net/blogs/) and modify it a little to be WP 2.0 friendly. What it does is basically add a little Download Section in your WordPress site. It will just keep track of how many times a file is downloaded. It will be a single page Download Section with categories to separate the files. I am still considering whether or not to add a upload feature to it as PHP only supports maximum 2MB of upload. Right now you have to upload the file to a directory set in the option page. I have not coded the user side yet, but the admin side is more or less done.

Give me your comments on this.

A similar demo is on http://www.lesterchan.net/others/downloads.php.
WP-Downloads Admin Screen

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39 thoughts on “WP-Downloads”

  1. sounds good… was just thinking about something like this… however, you mention single page… maybe in later version you can add one page that is category based which then would take you to a separate page for each category…. one single page is likely to get very large and cluttered for many downloads….

    my two cents…

    Mr Papa

  2. Gamerz I think this would be a great plug-in, as are many of your others. If time permits I’d go for it. I also agree with Mr. Papa.

  3. OH man Please do release this soon, we have been looking for a great download manager plugin “that actually works” If possible can you let it be able to display a picture on the side as well?

  4. Thanks for telling me to have a look into this. Seems pretty good and, what’s most important, unlike other downloading scripts, fast, I have just a couple of questions:

    1) Can I put the files somewhere else? Like, currently, my audio files are in /downloads/audio/SPECIFIC CATEGORY NAME HERE/YEAR/ and video files, managed from a separate installation of WP are in /downloads/videos/ while their WP is in /media, so it would be cool if it could grab files from a path relative to the top-level directory rather than exclusively wp-content.

    2) Will there be subcategories and subcategories of subcategories?:) There are freaks like me who like to keep everything super-super tidy?

    3) Can I break downloads into pages, the way I’m doing it right now, as, even though they’ll definitely load faster than with freakin’ DownloadPro, some pages might be too long from a designer’s point of view.

    *Of course, if the downloading code is a template bit rather than a specific template which calls the plugin, guess 2) and 3) don’t matter.

    4) Can the initial number of downloads be any number, as I’d love to use the numbers of downloads which I’ve been offering on the site since 2004.

    5) Does it automatically calculate the file size? If so, that’s quite useful for big sites.

    6) Possibility to edit words when calling a file in ? parametres would be great, as I often have to search through your script files to remove the capitalisation of every word.

    As for a file uploader, I don’t neccessarily need one, but judging from what I see on many places on the internet, people love it when they “don’t have to use FTP”, so I guess it’s a good idea…

    So, if you need a tester, I’m applying; as this seems to be a solution for all my downloading and timeout troubles and it would work with your wonderful wp-ratings script as well, so what else could I possibly want?;)

  5. Its Dec. Is there still plans to release this plugin? I would like to be notified if this ever is released.

    I am interested.

    Thanks. I love the plugins you have made already.


  6. yea it will, but it will not be that fast because of time constraint. I think the first release will not support sub categories.

  7. I have been looking for something like this. Others i have tried dont really work well. i would be interested in beta-testing. keep me informed.

  8. can you make gallery plugin for wp useing ‘page’ …
    i had try others .. but there are not easy !…

    did you finish the WP-Downloads plugin ?

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