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I was thinking of not using the wp_postmeta table to tell where a post is sticky or not. Instead, I will use a new table called wp_poststicky to denotes all posts sticky status. Whenever you create a new post, a new row will be created in the wp_poststicky table.

0 will denote normal posts
1 will denote sticky posts
2 will denote announcement post.

Now I need to explain what is the difference between sticky posts and announcements posts.

Currently sticky posts are posts which will appear at the top of the page, I will change that name to be called announcement posts instead.

Now sticky posts will be referred as posts that will only stay on top of all the posts which is posted on the same day as the sticky post. My command of English is not that good, hope you are understand what I mean with the following example:

– Post 5 (Announcement Post)

29th March 2007
– Post 6
– Post 7
– Post 8

28th March 2007
– Post 4 (Sticky Post)
– Post 1
– Post 2
– Post 3

As you can see, Post 4 is a sticky post and it will stay on top of all posts that is posted on 28th March 2007 ONLY, posts that are posted after 28th March 2007 (eg. 29th March 2007) will still be on top of the sticky post that is posted on 28th March 2007.

But for Post 5, which is an announcement post, it will stay on top of all posts.

Think of it as a feature in forum softwares in which announcement will appear in all forums and sticky topics will only appear in a particular forum.

This feature will be in the final version of WP-Sticky 1.00. Other features planned for future versions include auto un-announce, auto un-sticky posts after a certain number of days of date.

*UPDATED* 3rd December 2007
Uncle Bubba wrote:
When you login and write/manage a post you’ll see “Post Sticky Status” down in the lower right hand corner. There are three options “Announcement”, “Sticky”, and “None”. Announcement makes a post always on top no matter what. Sticky keeps it at the top of that day’s posts. So, say you made 4 posts on Wednesday and made one sticky, the sticky one would stay on top of Wednesday’s posts. If you then make a post on Thursday it will appear on top of all of Wednesday’s posts but underneath the Announcement post.

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94 thoughts on “WP-Sticky New Ideas”

  1. I like the new idea 🙂 But because I get confused easily…so just wanted to clarify: if someone wanted a post to stay for aperiod between 26th-29th March 2007, they would just change the post date to the 29th March 2007?
    Thanks 😀

  2. Nice. So this is more of a daily announcement. Useful for regularly updated sites. What about setting an expiration?

    ie I only want the announcement to expire after 1 week?

  3. What do you think about a Sticky-Picture before the post-name? Like:

    *picture* Sticky post name

    sticky post text…..

  4. Excellent… Have been looking for something like this since upgrading to 2.1. Used to use Adhesive but it is no longer updated so this is a life-saver.

  5. Maybe the user should be able to decide the sitcky posts scope. It could be category instead of date, for example. It would be very good if the user could choose among some options (category, day, week, month, author,etc).

    Think about it!!

  6. Hello —

    How in the world do I use this plug in? Where do I tell WordPress to make it sticky? I’m using the Connections theme; will it work with that?

    I’ve installed the plugin and activated it, but don’t see any changes on my “Write” or “Manage” posts screens.

    Thanks for the plug-in, David

  7. It would be cool if one could choose a different background for the sticky and announcement posts. Then people could see that this post was different, as in not chronological.

  8. in the final version there is 2 condition statement called is_announcement() and is_sticky(), you can use that to determine if a post is sticky or not =D

  9. Thank you very much for sorting this plugin out. Using a combination of if statements I’ve got this going pretty well. Thanks.

  10. hello,

    I need some help and info with this plugin.
    I am currently planning to make a wordpress based site for a small local newspaper. They would need the ability to choose which articles get shown on the frontpage when they publish them.

    So as they do publish twice a week your plugin with the new sticky feature would be great, right? but how would I have to use the loop to get 1 post from each category shown on the frontpage? I mean if I get 1 psot from every category shown on the frontpage, the sticky one will always be shown, right?

    Or do you have any other ideas how I could make this?

    I thought of using a plugin which shows the latest post from each category on the frontpage, but they don’t like this idea. They need to specify which psot is shown from each vategory, as they would choose the most important and best article for the frontpage…

  11. could you please elaborate a little more? I am not sure I understood you right 🙂

    did you mean I have to make a loop that shows the latest post from every category and then filter out the sticky ones? how would I only get the latest sticky post from each category?

    imagine this: the newspaper has one author for each category, so this guy has to somehow be able to determine which post from the lets say 5 posts per edition he wants shown o nthe frontend. would it be enough if he just made one of them sticky?
    what would happen when he writest the next batch of articles, a week later and marks another post as sticky?

    what kind of loop would I need on the main page exactly?

  12. You almost got it. You need a loop that perhaps loop through 2 weeks worth of post (the option can be set in wp-admin) and then use the is_sticky() to check out which are the sticky post and display it.

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