WP-PageNavi Updates

I have to go along with the web trend. My old WP-PageNavi style is outdated and I need to do something about it.

And hence, I modified the style to make it look like Digg (bottom of the page). You also can take a look at the bottom of this page to for an example.

This changes will be in WP-PageNavi 2.11. I have made it in such a way that every aspect of WP-PageNavi is customizable. The text that is displayed can be configured in WP-Admin -> Options -> PageNavi and the style can be configured via CSS in pagenavi-css.css

See the screenshots for more information, WP-PageNavi Screenshots.

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37 thoughts on “WP-PageNavi Updates”

  1. Nice improvements! I just found your plug-in and my first thought was “it’d be nice to customize…” and I check your blog, and there you go!

  2. Hey, I really liked and I need this “comboBox” (select) feature, can you send it to me?! I know you’re gonna release that, but I’m really needing now.


  3. Thx GaMerZ!!

    Hehe, hey, what’s this plugin that shows I’m using Firefox, my county ip and OS?? =D

  4. Ok, I just checked the 3 files, and one of them was different of yours, in the link you sent me. Then, I just copy the files again and the menu appears now! =)


  5. bahhh, sorry bro. But I activated that, edited the options in the “pagenavi” page in the options tab… then I edited the template, calling the function…

    (with no spaces, of course)

    But It just doesn’t work, It just doesn’t show nothing…

  6. i have wordpress 2.1.2. i tried to use WP-PageNavi 2.10 For WordPress 2.1.x

    after i activiate it in plugin, pagenavi didn’t show on option. i’m very new to this plugin. i heard this is one of the best plugin out there. am i missing something?


  7. Nice one. But there is some issue. If you have less pages than configured for showing (default = 5) then you’ll have additional selections with page “0” and less. E.g. if you have only 2 pages, you’ll get a Navi like [-2][-1][0][1][2].
    Will this be fixed in the final release (which seems to be planned for 5-1-07)?

  8. eric: After you download, put the 3 files in wp-content/plugins/pagenavi directory.

    Arby: Thanks for the bug, I will fixed it. I have been wondering why will there be a minus page on some blogs out there when the reported the bug to me. You provided me with a clearer view. Thank you

  9. Hey Gamerz, good work… I couldn’t get it working 100%, I just hope to see the FINAL version ASAP!!!

    I look forward to use the final release, THX!

  10. I don’t know why I didn’t get it… I just copied to the plugins folder, then activated in the plugins page… and added: in single.php … replacing where was the default pagination code from WP… It just didn’t work, nothing is shown… then I tried to put in the end of index… nothing too, and then… I tried in footer.php, as a lot of people say that… I don’t know why I should put it on footer, as I don’t want to show the pagination after the comments …

    I really thought that I should add it just after the loop… but didn’t work 🙁

  11. u need to put it outside the loop. You can put it anywhere. If the old version works, stick to it till the final version

  12. bah… man, I can’t believe… I downloaded another pagination plugin (http://www.mis-algoritmos.com/2007/03/12/wp-digg-style-pagination-plugin) and the same thing… NOTHING happens 🙁

    I install the plugin, activate and insert the call of the function out of the loop… but NOTHING happens… still all the same, standard wordpress pagination and nothing different… This with your pluing and this another wp pagination plugin…

    I downloaded a new wordpress, installed in localhost this time, and THE SAME Thing :S … do you have any idea? or anything… test, etc… I can try to do on this?? :$

    it’s killing me man…

  13. are u using the default theme? maybe you can post it in the forum with the details in the READ ME FIRST thread.

  14. hi! great plugin, just what i needed! im using 2.11 now on my site! 🙂 the css color matches mine! 🙂

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