WP-Polls 2.20 Updates

I have make the following additions/changes to WP-Polls 2.20:

NEW: Poll Archive Link Template
NEW: Poll Templates Has Now Its Own Page ‘WP-Admin -> Polls -> Poll Templates’
NEW: Poll Widget Can Now Display Multiple Polls
FIXED: Poll Archive Will Now Show Only Polls That Are Closed

I hope I can released WP-Polls 2.20 in mid May 2007.

I have left 1 more task to do which I have no idea how to design it; To improve the Edit Poll page where it shows a list of IP addresses of the users who voted for the poll. Imagine you got 4000+ people who voted for the poll like the sample poll you see on the right sidebar. It will be a nightmare when it comes to editing the poll (due to the time taken to render the page).

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2 thoughts on “WP-Polls 2.20 Updates”

  1. Good idea there, maybe there are 2 options I can think of at the moment.

    1. Closed Poll’s Results
    2. Open Poll’s Results

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