Updated This Site WP-Polls To 2.11 RC1

I have updated this site WP-Polls to 2.11 RC1 to test out the multiple answers voting feature in WP-Polls 2.20. You can set the maximum number of answers that the user can vote, in this case, I set it to 14 as there are 14 answers.

Note the poll footer that says “Total Voters” and NOT “Total Votes”. The individual answer on the other hand is “Votes” and not “Voters” and the percentage is calculated based on the “Total Voters”.

Vote away on the right hand sidebar.

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11 thoughts on “Updated This Site WP-Polls To 2.11 RC1”

  1. Hi. I’m using you excellent plugin as a “quiz plugin” on my site (Japanese language learning quiz). I wonder if it would be possible to create a new plugin (something like WP-quiz) based on WP-polls, the main difference being that the good answer (specified in the administration panel) would also be displayed once people “vote”.

    I would be happy to make a (small 🙂 ) PayPal donation for this WP-Quiz…


  2. Hi Alain, thanks for the offer, but I am afraid I do not have the time to do it because my schedule is pretty tight

  3. Ok, thank you for the answer. I found two quiz plugins for Wordpess on the Net, but I prefer to use WP-polls. 🙂

  4. Hey! Just needed to know how to change the colour of the text in the sidewidget.. tried the css, but found nothing there.

  5. Just wanted to say great plug-in, was searching around for a poll system, and this is by far the best one i have found, i’m tweaking it now, and loving it! Thanks for taking your time to create this.

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