14+ Awesome WordPress-Powered sites

Dougal has put up a list of 14+ awesome WordPress-powered sites on his site.

So being curious, I went to check those 14+ sites and see which sites are using my plugins.

After checking them out, 4 sites out of 14+ sites are using my plugins and they are:

» welovewp.com – WP-PostRatings
» delicious:days – WP-Polls
» PlayStation.Blog – WP-Email, WP-Polls
» Ford Motor Company’s Global Auto Shows – WP-PostRatings

Here are some sites posted in Dougal’s comments:

» WordPress Garden – WP-PostRatings
» Harry Potter Beyond – WP-Polls

Here are some sites posted in my comments:

» My Biggest Complaint – WP-PostRatings

To the webmasters of those sites, THANK YOU for your support.

PS: Maybe when I have the time I will have a links page that has links to all WordPress powered sites that are using my plugins. Just a thought =)

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6 thoughts on “14+ Awesome WordPress-Powered sites”

  1. Add us to your list – we’re also using wp-ratings at My Biggest Complaint! We hope to incorporate your ratings plugin with Alex King’s popularity contest at some point. We think the two plugins could really play well together and enhance any wp site using either plugin.

    You’re awesome, Lester, thanks for your work.

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