Packed Javascript For WP-Polls

As I have received many request to optimized the Javascript for WP-Polls (I will also do it for other plugins but I will beta test it with WP-Polls first), I have used Dean Edwards Packer to pack my Javascript for WP-Polls and then I have moved the Dynamic Javascript variables out of the Javascript file and into the PHP page and now I can renamed it back to .js extension instead of .php.

These 2 things that I have done should help reduce the load on the server.

If are interested to test it out, you can download WP-Polls 2.30 Beta 1.

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7 thoughts on “Packed Javascript For WP-Polls”

  1. Last time I added a poll I found that the voting did nothing and when click again I got a java window saying to please wait awhile while it processed.

    I don’t fully understand what you changed here not being a java programer but it works with 2.3 beta. Thanks… Gav

  2. Of all the polls I have tried today, this is the only one that worked well. I have one problem, however. Firefox 2.0.0 does not allow votes to be cast, although IE 7 does. If I look in Firefox, only the results show up. Turned out the solution was to be sure that guests and registered users could vote. But, that means that you can’t limit voters to guests

  3. That problem where it says please wait awhile is still popping up.

    Normal polling works fine, but when I add the [poll=#] to insert it in a post it shows up but when I try and vote it nothing happens, and when I try again it says please wait awhile.

    If I click view results it works fine in the sidebar, but in the post it does not aways show the result.

    Any way to fix this?

  4. support forum is at @, please do a search first because I am quite sure your question has been answered before.

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