My Plugins Compatibility With WordPress 2.5

Below is a list of my plugins in development that WILL work with WordPress 2.5. The reason why I consolidated it here is because the current version of the listed plugins does not work properly with WordPress 2.5.

For the remaining plugins, see also Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins June 2008 Update (Wave 1).

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113 thoughts on “My Plugins Compatibility With WordPress 2.5”

  1. post ratings is awesome! It works great in Safari. In internet explorer and firefox, the ratings widgets dont display properly. IS anyone having similar problems? Especially if I set post length title to anything other than 0

  2. GaMerZ. Thanks for your reply. I tested it without WP Cache. You do see the ‘Vote poll’-link in the result-interface when you haven’t voted yet, but you do not see the ‘Vote poll’-link when you did have voted…

    Is it possible to build in the ‘Vote poll’-link in the result-interface that shows up when someone already voted?

    (P.S. Very curious to know how you made the way the comments appear on your blog.. Is it a plug-in or is it your own work?)

    Thanks for the great plug-in.

  3. I upgraded to the new version of WP Polls (using the auto upgrade) and the polls still display fine… but the Tiny MC button for adding polls is no longer there…

  4. @Bob It is a plugin called jQuery AJAX Comments but I have tweak it to work with WP2.5. That should be the case because if the user has voted why would he want to see the voting form? If he sees the voting form, he would want to vote again. Currently if you set to Do Not Log, it will always show the Voting form by default regardless whether the user has voted or not.

    @Beth Do not use the auto upgrade, download it from here manually. Does the auto upgrade upgrade you to WP-Polls 2.30 from WP-Polls 2.21? As I have not made it official, I don’t see how is it possible for it to upgrade you unless it is a bug in WordPress Plugins Repo ( still shows 2.21)

  5. @OrdinaryJoe Sorry didn’t notice your comment is waiting for moderation. If you get WP-Email 2.30 Beta (you can download it in this post), it will work on WordPress 2.5. I have just tested it on a fresh copy of it. If you are getting a shotcode error, I would recommend you to re download a fresh copy of WP and try again (,1811.0.html ) as I am unable to reproduce this error on a fresh copy of WP2.5 with WP-Email 2.30. In the mean time I will see whether is this a common problem with other plugins. I think my plugin is one of the first few to use shortcode (not including the gallery)

  6. I used the auto upgrade initially… then went back and downloaded it manually. Still no Tiny MC button 🙁

  7. @ GaMerZ. Thanks again for your reply. I searched a while for a Ajax-commenting plug-in like you have. I tried ajax-comment-posting of regua, but it didn’t work in Firefox using WordPress 2.5. I just tried jQuery AJAX Comments. It works in Firefox, but behaves kind of strange in IE.

    I don’t want to be insolent, but would you mind sending me your modified jQuery AJAX Comments-plugin? Of course I will give you a special thanks on my blog. I would really appreciate it!

  8. I just found a solution to make jQuery Ajax Comments work with WordPress 2.5. Thanks for the recommendation. (My previous comment can be deleted)

  9. @Bob glad you found it, sorry about the late reply.
    @Beth It is your browser cache, Force(Shit + F5) Refresh it.

  10. Hello,

    I use two of your great plugins, Wp-Print and WP-PosteRatings

    I went thru the upgrade process f Wp 2.5 and everything went fine.
    I have a question though, I dont kow i you’ll have time to answer me:

    I have a quite narrow sidebar. For the WP-PostRatings widget that I use in my sidebar (highest rated articles) I would like the stars to be display “below” the post title. To do so i’d simply need to add a breaking line in the HTML file. However I dont know where to go. Do you think you can help me?
    My weblog is located at Thank you

  11. Hey, great plugin (wppostratings)
    but I have found an issue with the “highest rated” widget. I have an apostrophe in a post title, and the “highest rated” widget displays it as:

  12. I don’ think my last post made it all the way… basically, it looks like you don’t decode the urlencode (or something). my apostraphe appears as the html thing with ampersand and numbers and semicolon



  13. Hello,

    I upgraded wp to 2.5 and wp-polls to 2.30 and …. not working good. I have 13 polls now. When i using for example [poll id="8"] in post, it displays last poll which has id13.

    For example if i using [poll id="8"][poll id="9"] it displays two times in row poll 13.

    Any advices?

  14. I am unable to reproduce your problem. Make sure that the polls are active ie not closed. Go to the HTML tab when creating a post and click on the POLL BUTTON

  15. For those of who are having 404 error with the wp-email image, it is most probably an suExec error. Your Cpanel error log may show the line ‘SoftException in Application’ for the file email-image-verify.php.

    chmod 644 the wp-email directory and all the php files in it will fix the errors.

  16. I’m having the 404 error, and I am not running suExec. All modules are run as nobody on my server (since, well, it’s my dedicated server).

    I’m not seeing anything in the error logs, and my permalink structure is /%postname%-%postnumber%

    P.S. Running 2.30 Beta 2 of WP-Email

  17. Lester:

    Thanks for upgrading the plugin, I am a big fan!

    I recently upgraded to 2.5 and WP-Print 2.30 Beta 2 is working right out of the box for me (I had the old version of the plugin before).

    Thanks again for all your good work!


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