WP-Email And WP-Print With WordPress 2.5

For some reasons, the core permalink structure of WordPress 2.5 has been changed just before it is being released (the problem is not there with WordPress 2.5 RC1).

If you get a 404 on WP-Email and WP-Print posts/pages, you need to get the latest development version of the respective plugins. Refer to the post above this.

I also wished I have more time to spend updating my plugins, but as my school is nearing the semester end, all my projects deadline are also coming and so are the end of semester exams. I can’t fork out any valuable time to update all my plugins for WP 2.5 and hence, 1st June 2008 should be the day I will roll out the updates to my plugins as my last paper is on 6th May 2008.

But in the mean time, I will try my best to address all issues related with my plugins and WordPress 2.5.

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64 thoughts on “WP-Email And WP-Print With WordPress 2.5”

  1. Hi, Lester
    I am writing from Argentina. Your plug-ins are fantastic.
    I feel the need to print custom fields. but I do not see this option. In version imprimier disappear.
    I would appreciate very much any reform in the plug-in this regard.
    (google translate)

  2. Hi, i came from the Netherlands and i’m very happy with youre plugins.
    But…. i’m using the theme bluebusiness 1.0. I use more pages then post, so i want to get on SOME pages a print and e-mail icon. How can i do that? Thanks for helping me!!!

  3. Greetings Lester,

    Thank you for the great plugins.

    I am using the e-mail and print (this post) plugins which appear at the TOP of blog posts when embedded in the single.php (WordPress 2.5.1).

    I would like to have the widget icons and text appear at the Bottom of posts (such as happens when they are manually loaded in a post via the [widget tag].

    Is this possible?

    Dr. Strangelove

  4. You can move the code to below maybe after the_content(); You would have to trial an error to get the correct place you want =)

  5. Hey when I said bloated I was referring to the AJAX that is automatically loaded to each webpage. Each and every additional js file will slow down the loading of a webpage for the viewer. I was wondering if there was a method to disable all the ajax components of the plugin or just limit it so that it will only appear and load when they are on the wp-email submission page.

  6. in WP-Email 2.30 the JS has been packed so the performance will definitely be better than WP-Email 2.20. At the moment, WP does not have an API to specify where to load the header aka wp_head(), it just load it generally.

  7. Hi Lesterchan ! Congratulations for your work. Don’t worry about the time, we can afford to wait until June :p
    I’m translating your plugins into french. I’m waiting for all your updates to translate them and diffusing them to the franch WP Community !

    Good luck for your papers :p

  8. Hi. I’m running WP 2.5 and keep getting the following fatal error when I try to activate the WP-Printplug-in (v2.30):

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_shortcode() in /sites/vividi/htdocs/news/wp-content/plugins/wp-print/wp-print.php on line 178

    I’m using a /?tegory%/%postname%/ permalink structure.

    Anybody out there experienced/solved this? It seems that this is the only print plug-in option for WP 2.5 users.

  9. Re install your WordPress again. It may seems that your WP is corrupted. Encounter a few similar cases before

  10. Hi,
    How can I add HTML to the e-mail so it will have colors and textures as I specified them in my HTML document. I tried inserting them in the boy template of the e-mail but none of the colors took effect. I really need this to work. Any ideas?

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