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16 thoughts on “DO NOT Use Automatic Plugin Upgrade”

  1. Too late;-) Now that I did use the auto-update feature… I always get an 404-Error Mail saying “plugins/polls/images/pollstart.gif and received a 404 (page not found) error. It wasn’t their fault, so try fixing it. ”

    i installed wp-poll manually, but still I got a mail every minute…:-/ What would you suggest?

    Anyway, thanks a lot, the plug-in is great:-) (auto-update insn’t)

  2. thank you lester for making these great plugins
    you help a lot of people


  3. D’oh! I used the automatic update thing and it deleted the plugin completely. Thankfully, re-uploading it fixed everything again.

  4. I used the automatic upgrade too with 2.5.1 and I had to re-upload the plugin to get it to work also. Quick question though: After I uploaded it, it works fine–except the archive doesn’t display correctly. I was using [page_polls] to display the archive and it’s not working. Has this been covered elsewhere?

  5. nothing appear when you do that? If that is the case, you might have a corrupted version of WP 2.5 or ensure that the text is entered in the HTML and NOT visual editor.

  6. Sadly I didnt read this before attempting to upgrade the plugins and thought hmm let me try this auto update when I never usually like doing things that way and bam messed up. I delete them and reupload them but they still don’t show and even have 1 new one uploaded I’ve never used before and it doesn’t show in the list. Now my question is where am I supposed to be looking for the HTML or visual editor to get it to show up in the plugins list?

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