WordPress 2.6 Release


WordPress 2.6 has been released.

Here are some new features of WordPress 2.6:

  • Post Revisions: Wiki-like tracking of edits
  • Press This!: Post from wherever you are on the web
  • Shift Gears: Turbo-speed your blogging
  • Theme Previews: See it before your audience does
  • Word count
  • Image captions under your image
  • Bulk management of plugins
  • A completely revamped image control to allow for easier inserting, floating, and resizing. It’s now fully integrated with the WYSIWYG
  • Drag-and-drop reordering of Galleries
  • Plugin update notification bubble
  • Customizable default avatars
  • You can now upload media when in full-screen mode
  • Remote publishing via XML-RPC and APP is now secure (off) by default
  • Full SSL support in the core, and the ability to force SSL for security
  • You can now have many thousands of pages or categories with no interface issues
  • Ability to move your wp-config file and wp-content directories to a custom location, for “clean” SVN checkouts
  • Select a range of checkboxes with “shift-click.”
  • You can toggle between the Flash uploader and the classic one
  • A number of proactive security enhancements, including cookies and database interactions
  • Stronger better faster versions of TinyMCE, jQuery, and jQuery UI

2.6 is pretty much identical to 2.5 from a plugin and theme compatibility point of view, so upgrades from 2.5 should be pretty painless. The 2.5 branch will no longer be maintain so everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

» Download WordPress 2.6

PS: The current version of my plugins should work well with WordPress 2.6 except WP-DownloadManager. Nevertheless, I will release updates to all of them tomorrow.

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