Right To Left Language Support

The next update of my plugin will feature Right to Left Language support and this is done by Kambiz. He did a great job updating all my plugins to support RTL and fixing some minor bugs along the way. Kudos to you Kambiz!

I have not been developing at all besides committing those changes that Kambiz made since my school started on the 22nd August 2008. Hopefully I will have time to finished what I have planned for, for the next update in December 2008 where I will have only 1 month break.

Just to iterate once again, I decided to stopped developing WP-Sticky anymore as WordPress 2.7 will have that feature built-in and hence WP-Sticky 1.31 is the last version.

WordPress 2.7 will also feature comment threading and paging. Comment paging is the feature I have been waiting for!

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2 thoughts on “Right To Left Language Support”

  1. I downloaded your WP-Print, WP-Email, and WP-Poll but none had Persian translation. I also visited Kambiz’ website but couldn’t find the translations there either. Where can I get those?

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