Popular Sites Using My Plugins

  1. Coke Studio – WP-Polls
  2. Ford Motor Company Global Auto Cars Shows – WP-PostRatings
  3. Mashable – WP-PostRatings
  4. MTV Buzz Worthy Blog – WP-Email
  5. Smashing Magazine – WP-PageNavi
  6. The Martha Stewart Blog – WP-Polls
  7. Truemors – WP-PostRatings
  8. Playstation Blog – WP-PostRatings
  9. Wall Street Journal Blog – WP-Print
  10. Weblog Tools Collection – WP-PostRatings
  11. WordPress Showcase – WP-PostRatings
  12. Xerox Blogs – WP-Email
  13. Yahoo Blog (Yodel Anecdotal) – WP-PostRatings
  14. ZDNet Blog – WP-Polls

Feel free to add on to the list by posting it in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Popular Sites Using My Plugins

  1. Stanley

    Wow! Those are giants on the list.

    Personally, I think WP-PageNavi should be built into WordPress by default. Or at least made it optional in the settings page.

  2. Mark Olson

    WoW! I was looking for a Polls plugin … found it on the WordPress plugin page … click the link and found your page! Now I have downloaded three of your plugins and kabooom … they are up and loaded on my site. Brilliant work! I am just trying them out … haha … my first step in adding some interaction … much needed. Thanks again!

  3. Lester Chan Post author

    Thanks for the compliments. I seldom do contract work nowdays as I am pretty busy with my school. Only maybe during my summer vacation

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