WordPress 2.9.2

WordPress 2.9.2 has been released.

Thomas Mackenzie alerted us to a problem where logged in users can peek at trashed posts belonging to other authors. If you have untrusted users signed up on your blog and sensitive posts in the trash, you should upgrade to 2.9.2. As always, you can visit the Tools->Upgrade menu to upgrade.

Changelog: WordPress 2.9.2
Download: WordPress 2.9.2
Download: Modified files since WordPress 2.9.1

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12 thoughts on “WordPress 2.9.2”

  1. WordPress update are always handy but this update is useful for only those who have their registration open.
    I will wait for latest WordPress 3.0 which have WordPress MU capability.

  2. I saw this new update today and checked the new post from WordPress team. realize this update is to resolve the issue with
    multiple author blog and since I have one… I had no choice apart from updating my
    Wordpress version. Thanks for updating us about it.!!

  3. I recently Started blogging and when I install WordPress my hosting installed 2.9.1 instead of 2.9.2.
    And I had to manually upgrade the wordpress to the latest version. though it was not tough though initially I thought of it as quite scary.

  4. Hi, I use WP-Polls nad WP-postratings in WP 2.9.2 It is someway possible to change jquery from wp to google jquery – for example – ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js It’s very importent for me, becouse jquery.js consume 15% of my transfer.

  5. hi,
    if we upgrade this version to 3x beta when new version released it can be upgrade ?
    my english not so well.

  6. and WordPress 3.0 v. interesting too… imo new mobile me by the way WordPress 3.0 is out Joomla 1.6 is in Beta3 Drupal 7 — Alpha5 (expected Beta soon) exciting times for php open source CMSs yuppiii

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