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12 thoughts on “WordPress 2.9.2”

  1. WordPress update are always handy but this update is useful for only those who have their registration open.
    I will wait for latest WordPress 3.0 which have WordPress MU capability.

  2. I saw this new update today and checked the new post from WordPress team. realize this update is to resolve the issue with
    multiple author blog and since I have one… I had no choice apart from updating my
    Wordpress version. Thanks for updating us about it.!!

  3. I recently Started blogging and when I install WordPress my hosting installed 2.9.1 instead of 2.9.2.
    And I had to manually upgrade the wordpress to the latest version. though it was not tough though initially I thought of it as quite scary.

  4. Hi, I use WP-Polls nad WP-postratings in WP 2.9.2 It is someway possible to change jquery from wp to google jquery – for example – ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js It’s very importent for me, becouse jquery.js consume 15% of my transfer.

  5. hi,
    if we upgrade this version to 3x beta when new version released it can be upgrade ?
    my english not so well.

  6. and WordPress 3.0 v. interesting too… imo new mobile me by the way WordPress 3.0 is out Joomla 1.6 is in Beta3 Drupal 7 — Alpha5 (expected Beta soon) exciting times for php open source CMSs yuppiii

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