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All Good Things Must Come To An End

Thanks for your work – my sites simply wouldn’t have existed without your excellent plugins. I hope they will live together with upcoming releases of WP.
Again, thank you! And all the best for your professional career. I am in no doubt that you will do it really good!
Cheers from freezing Norway

» Posted By John On 28th February 2010 @ 00:07

Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins June 2008 Update (Wave 1)


» Posted By John On 17th May 2008 @ 08:21

WP-EMail 2.11, WP-Print 2.11

has installed plugins print and mail.
but what do ???? they were displayed in post?

» Posted By John On 19th July 2007 @ 12:00

23rd Today

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you dear Gamerz. Happy birthday toooo yooooou!

» Posted By John On 24th March 2007 @ 07:02


test again

» Posted By John On 19th August 2008 @ 08:20


» Posted By John On 19th August 2008 @ 08:19

Statistics: Blog

Great statistics.

» Posted By John On 12th October 2006 @ 16:54

WP-Polls 2.1 Beta

Thanks. I just installed the new poll version 2.1 released today on but I also very trouble by the fuzzy font. I see it on this site demo too. Is there a way to smooth the fonts?

I noticed if you highlight the poll text it is not fuzzy.

» Posted By John On 2nd June 2006 @ 13:49

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  1. Благодарю ВаÑ? за напиÑ?ание Ñ?криптов !

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