The UnBorn

Wanted to watch Freaky Friday, but response not that good, then wanted to watch The Tale Of Two Sisters, but is on the first row. So end up watching The UnBorn, a Thailand ghost movie.

Overall the show not bad, it is scary but I think The Tale Of Two Sisters is scarier.

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Productive Day

Very productive day for me. Spent lots of time coding Quietroom. Now is almost 95% done not including the content. So proud of it. Thought I got no mood to really code Quietroom, but who knows is the opposite. Maybe I just want to drown myself in lines of code so as not to think so much. But this is a very good way. LOL

Weekends coming and is a good time to rush my fyp and ELIT assignment. Must start working constantly, if not will very stressed up as weeks goes by. BUT, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. LOL

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Integration Of Quietroom

Did most of the integration of Quietroom in school using the laptop. Don’t really like laoptop’s keyboard, very hard to type, and further more it is very impractical to bring along a keyboard along. LOL

Went to meet client after school. Reached there about 4.45pm, and waited all the way to 5.30pm before he is free to see us. The funny thing is that how come we need to take temperature before going in and last 2 weeks we did not take at all. Weird.

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League Of Extraordinary Gentleman

Kinda unluckly today, my GAME practical the camera got problem going straight. Wanted to copy and paste my lecturer code bit by bit to find out the error. Then who knows I accidentally go and delete the whole practical lesson. Crap. End up have to go home and redo practical 3 and 4 from practical 2.

Went to Plaza Singapura for lunch and as well to watch League Of Extraordinary Gentleman(LXG). Ate the Ayam Panggang from the foodcourt there. It was quite a long queue, but it is worth it, the food is good.

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Hair Cut

Went to cut hair yesterday before meeting my friends at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Thought I was going to be the first to reach there, but actually I am the third. Haha, all of them very punctual nowadays. Last time when they say meet at 4.30pm means 4.30pm leave your house. lolz

Nothing much have changed in Sim Lim Square since I last been there a few months ago. Philips has been promoting their LCD monitors throughout the mall. The price dropped alot. Now a cheap 17 inch LCD monitor cost about $699. That makes me think whether I want to get that, a home theatre set or a 15GB IPOD. Hmmm

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The Great Escape

Reached home at 12 midnight yesterday, was tired and did not update the blogs.

Went with my poly friends to watched The Great Escape, is a mini concert plus a short magic show. It is held at Suntec City’s Convention Hall and is organise by Touch Community (my friend’s church). The whole thing lasted about 2 hours. The concert was not bad. The Solution band sang 2 Evanescence’s song. Stella was there. She is chio, but her voice abit soft. The magic show was kinda disappointing, was expecting something better than that. But anyway is free, so can’t really complain. Singaporeans always want the cheapest and the best, in Hokkien they call it, “Ai Pi, Ai Qi”. The whole hall was fullhouse nevertheless.

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Check on my JSPG assignment. Suppose to create an online auction website using JSP and Java Servlet. Abit tough in the logic part, but all web programming is almost the same. Is not the coding that is hard, is the logic. Got the basic database structure planned. Wonder why always we have to use MS Access instead of MS SQL Server. Is very impractical to use Access as database, as it is not a full blown database.

Came home after my FYP, then went back to school again for jogging with Jacky and Co. Wanted to run 6 rounds, but end up running 5 rounds due to I count wrongly and lazy to run the last round. Whole body aching, been 3 years since I last ran. Hope I got the motivation to jog regularly.

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Coding CBT

As usual, Thursday is a no school day for me unless there is something very important or urgent to meet up, then I will go back to school.

Had lunch with Elaine at Raffles City’s foodcourt before going to her house to get her MYSQL up and running. Ran into some problems, but eventually it is solved. Her 512kb Pacific Internet broadband is very unstable at times, can disconnect every minute.

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Coding Search Page

Quite an interesting day, almost all my classmates are talking about that Blaster Worm. All SP computers are patched already. Wonder did they get infected first then patch, or they have already patch it on the day Microsoft released the security announcement.

At least SP lab technicians are more pro then NTU and NUS ones as those computers in NTU and NUS are infected with that worm.

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FTT Evaluation Passed

Went to Ikea for lunch with Elaine. Ate the roast beef and shared a plate of meatballs. Just love Ikea food, especially the meatball.

Went to BBDC after that and took about 2 hours of FTT practice before attempting the FTT Evaluation. To my surprise, I passed my FTT Evaluation on my first attempt and I scored full marks, 80/80. I think so far for this semester, this is my luckiest moment. Shall be booking the actual FTT later on.

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