Bukit Timah Hill

Woke up at 7.15am today. Went for hiking at Bukit Timah Hill with Serene, Suqin and Lay Hiang. Jacky and Laily cannot make it because they want to sleep. Talking about sisters and brothers. LOL

We took a shorter path to the summit because of time constraint. I think most of the path are man-made. Saw many interesting insects on our way up especially the huge ant carrying an ant egg I presumed. Half-way through saw a stream of following water. Although it is man-made, it is very nice the water is clear and I tasted it a little. No funny taste. =D

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Super Busy At Expo

Been very very busy for the past 2 days at the expo and that explains why I didn’t update this blog.

First off some sad news, there is an explosion at one of my house downstairs coffeeshop, block 112. A gas tank exploded at the western food stall. 1 person was injured, not sure whether is the uncle looking after the stall or my friend looking after the stall. Whoever he is, I wish him a speedy recovery. That explains why when I came home on Friday, I saw fire engines and police car. The first thought that came to my mind is people commit suicide. After asking my dad’s friend, then I know what happens.

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Singapore Food Expo

Woke up at quite late today, 2pm. LOL. Want to correct some mistakes that I have made in the last post. Is is Singapore Food Expo and NOT Singapore Food Festival. It will be on from 18th September 200) to Monday(22nd September 2003) and NOT till Sunday.

Back to the topic. Went to help my mom at 4.30pm. Helped to arrange the goods, stock goods and to collect money. Business was not too bad considered it is a weekday and the first day of the food expo. This year, they open the whole hall 5, last year was only 1/2 if I am not wrong. Thus, it is very spacious and the lanes are very wide. No more squeezing and extreme slow walking.

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ELIT Assignment Handed In

Been busy for the pass few days because of ELIT. Handed in our ELIT assignment today. We also had our ELIT presentation today. It was a rather a short one and not that serious as FYP. Finally 1 module assignment down and 2 more to go excluding FYP

After the presentation, came back home and changed before going to school again for my GAME practical class.

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Overslept today, first time for the past 10 weeks of school. Maybe was too tired. But nevertheless, I am only late 5 minutes for the FYP meeting, but still earlier than the lecturer. LOL

Gave Lian her birthday present today, I bought her a SIGG water bottle. Hope she like it as I don’t know what to buy.

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Fast Paced Weekends

Yesterday was Johnson 19th Birthday, we had dinner at Fish & Co at Glass House(just beside Park Mall). Ate the seafood platter for one. Was filling for me. Yummy. Went to Esplanade later for a walk, there is a performance at the amphitheater. They sang some old songs. The guys voice is very good.

Went further down Esplanade as there is some-sort like a “beach” there. Saw some funny text written on the sand. Sat down at the rocky rocks and had some chat. We did tried to play sparklers at Esplanade, but was warned by the patrolling policeman saying that no fireworks is allowed.

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Parents’ 21st Wedding Anniversary

Left school immediately after JSPG, because I got a lunch appointment with my parents. They are celebrating their 21st Chinese Wedding Anniversary. The English one will be on 2nd October 2003.

Had lunch at Shima Restaurant in Goodwood Park Hotel. It is a Japanese restaurant and offer teppanyaki, shabu-shabu and yakiniku buffet. It is one of the best out there. We ate the yakiniku buffet, one person is around $27. Next time shall try the teppanyaki buffet as it looks quite interesting. The food there is good but somehow the standard drop a little and the service is very slow compared to last year.

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Mooncake Festival

Went to school for FYP meeting today, which is kinda rare because Thursday is normally our off day. But I guess we better get things going once again as soon as possible. This term will be very xiong. 3 assignments to hand in not including FYP. But then on the brighter side, this will be our last study semester. =D

Went to shopping at Marina Square/Suntec area with Jacky and Lay Hiang. Jacky bought some shirts and I bought a smaller pouch to protect my iRiver, cost me $9.90. Had an ice cream break. They ate Anderson ice cream at Marina Square while I drank the banana milk shake and it taste funny. I think the ice cream will be a wiser choose next time. LOL

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea: The Curse Of The Black Perl

Thought there is no NSC for me as it is cancelled for the graphics trade. Just to confirm I called up my coach, and sad to say for the web design trade is still on. So no choice have to go to school just to attend the 30 minutes briefing. Basically the briefing is repeating the same things over and over again.

Just before going to school had lunch at my house downstairs coffeeshop, tried fishball noodles from the new stall. I can say that it sucks. I only eat a few mouths and I just leave it. Normally I will finish my food, but the fishball noodles taste so terrible that I cannot even finish it.

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Mid-Term Tests

Yesterday JSPG test was crap. Was tested on Java GUI and I thought that belongs to Year 1 syllabus and has nothing to do with JSPG. The question was very lame and almost everyone thought so too.

Went for Sushi Buffet at Sakae Sushi in Wheelock Place with Fiona and co. This time never eat too fill, if not will have a hard time walking. Sometimes buffet cannot eat too full, you will feel uneasy, afterall you are paying it, why pay to make yourself suffer.

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