The AniMatrix

Another boring day. Woke up in the afternoon to watch The AniMatrix, all 9 episodes in SVCD format. Mom bought back meat porridge for me from Clementi, the porridge taste good. LOL

Surf the internet for a while before spending an hour studying for my TBCM. I don’t think there is alot of things to study, only the first few chapters, the middle and last chapters teaches you how to write a manual, memo and letters and I think you need to know it but don’t need to memorize it.

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CitiBank Credit Card

Finally woke up before 12pm today. Mom woke me up. LOL. Went to Hereen for lunch. They are having a mall-wide discount, but sad thing is that today is the last day =(. Ate at The Nudle Bar, Black Pepper Ramen, yummy. Very cheap, 4 of us ate only $36 after a 30% discount. LOL

My brother and I bought a fourskin t-shirt also each, but same design, after 30% discount is $25 per t-shirt. Woot, cheap.

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MMAD Exams

Had my MMAD exams today, paper was quite ok, but I think last semester paper was easier. Quite a number of people didn’t finish this paper on time if I am not wrong. The storyboarding takes up so much time.

Went to Funan later by myself to look-see look-see and eat Pasta Mania. Tried the Tuna & Bacon, but I still prefer the Creamy Chicken. With the student discount even cheaper, 30% off. LOL

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Labour’s Day

Woke up at 1.30pm today. Went to a few MRT station ticket sales counter to buy bus stamp but all didn’t open because of public holiday. Waste my time and the car patrol. End up decided not to buy for this month as it is school holidays month and I will not be going out everyday.

Went to Funan later to buy my printer ink, black ink seems to be much cheaper than colored inks. Weird. And the prices of ink selling at different stores can have a difference of $4. Epson should control the price of ink, like Sony who controls almost the price of everything.

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Noisy Morning II

Damm, the same thing happen as I expected, early in the morning woken up by those noises. Crap, next time I will never buy a house on a second story unless I have no choice. Read the notice they pasted downstairs. This will go on till end of June. They are doing improvements works on the pillars. I don’t know why the fark they need to improve on the pillar, as if it will collapse. Waste the tax payers’ money by doing this type of rubbish job, much as well use the money and donate it to the Courage Fund. Brainless RC

Went out to eat lunch with my mom, ate the minced pork noodle at Bestway building, sudden craving for it. LOL. Came home printed out all my MMAD stuffs, at least 100+ papers have been used for this task. LOL. Went to bind them together later forming a think stack of notes to study. Spend the next 2 hours studying all the notes except tutorial. LOL

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Noisy Morning

Woke up by the noise that is coming from downstairs. Don’t know what the fark the workers is drilling. All the way from 9.30am to 1.30pm couldn’t get a quiet sleep. It sucks staying on 2nd floor especially with all those noises that are coming from downstairs.

Spend the afternoon doing my webpage and playing a little bit of America’s Army before taking a very short nap in the late afternoon.

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MMPJ Exams

Lian came my house in the afternoon to study for MMPJ, left my house at about 3.45pm. On the bus then I realize that i didn’t remember to do alot of things. Bring last semester exams paper, take my SP exams letter and drink my essence of chicken. The only thing that I am luckily about is leaving the house in time because as as soon as we reach school, the rain started to fall.

MMPJ exams start at 6pm, but delayed all the way to around 6.20pm as this is our first exam of the semester and because of the SARS thing, lecturer got alot of stuff to say. Thought they will give us a digital oral thermometer, didn’t know is a mercury thermometer. SP so rich also cannot afford a digital thermometer. Furthermore we need to bring that thermometer for every exam we are taking, if not we need to buy it at $10. Crap.

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Home-Cooked Western Food

Woke up at 1pm today again. As usual, did the same old stuff as what I did on Saturday. Study for MMPJ. Study till the evening, before taking a rest. Watch Speed on Channel 5 at 7.30pm, one of the old and repeated movie shown on Channel 5.

Ate my mom’s home-cooked western food for my dinner. Baked potatoes, corns, carrots, beans, pork chop, ham, sausages. Woo, so nice. LOL

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8th Month

Slept till 1pm today. Ate lunch before start studying for my MMPJ. 13 chapter lectures slide to read. It is quite alot. So much information to remember. I hate to memorize stuff. It is not practical at all. But luckily the exam paper will be based on case studies. Evertime study 1 chapter, the chapters before it all forgot. Sigh

Played abit of MechWarrior 4 : Mercenaries in the late afternoon to destress myself(as if I have been stress out). LOL

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