IGRA Madness

Went to eat my favorite Minced Pork Noodle at Bestway Building, been months since I ate it. Miss the noodle there. LOL

Spend the first half of the afternoon doing my IGRA assignment. As it requires alot of brain cells to be stressed, I need to take a rest, so I spend the second half of the afternoon sleeping. LOL

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IGRA Is Tough Actually

Went to school in the morning to do TBCM, left school about 1pm for lunch at Bugis. Was very hungry as I did not ate dinner last night and breakfast this morning. LOL

Went to OG at Albert’s Complex to look-see look-see. After that went to Sim Lim Square for a walk. Still could not find my idea PDA plus handphone. 65k colors, bluetooth, Pocket PC 2002 and Camera. LOL

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MMPJ Presentation

Heard from my friend that all mass lecture has been canceled due to the SARS outbreak, was uncertain at first, but after confirmation from BlackBoard(e-learning in SP), it is true. Don’t know to be happy or sad. LOL. Thus my briefing on my Year 3 electives are also canceled.

Later went for my MMPJ presentation, well everything turn out quite smooth.

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April’s Fool

Had my PCT practical test today, well wonder to consider myself luckily or unluckily. I am unluckily because I suey suey got to install WinNT for my test, and it really sucks, no device manager, using IE 2.0 and so many drivers cannot support. I am lucky also because of WinNT, Lian is the 2nd session of the test after mine. The class had problems installing drivers on Win98SE. From my own point of view, Win98 is hell lots of problems especially with drivers. Used it before on my old com and I hated it.

Went to Orchard later to buy Lian’s thermometer. Practically the whole of Singapore normal thermometer has been sold out because of the SARS. LOL. Was tempted by Mos Burger at Ngee Ang City, so had a light snack there. The salad there tastes good. LOL

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Late Dinner

Went to Orchard area to shop for Lian presentation clothes after school. Had a light lunch at Cineleisure foodcourt. Had Macaroni soup. Nowadays better not eat too heaty stuffs, especially fried food. And drink lots of water.

Came back took a nap till 8.30pm and went out for dinner. Actually dinner suppose to be 7.30pm, but my mom meeting drag till 8.00pm. Thus had a very late dinner.

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Ponderosa Belated Birthday Lunch

There supposed to be a total of 5 people(including Shaun and I) going to the belated birthday lunch. But only 3 people went, Shaun, David and I. Ate Ponderosa at Raffles City.

Been at least 6 years since I ate Ponderosa, alot of things has changed. Now they got weekday lunch buffet and the salad bar has much more food now compared to many years back. Thought there will be a weekend lunch buffet, but to our disappointed, they do not. Ate the Ala Carte Menu, had the Black Pepper Steak. One thing good is that all ala carte menu is entitled to the salad bar buffet. LOL. The steak really taste good and the price is quite reasonable. At most $25 per person for a main course and the salad bar buffet. Will try eating the weekday lunch buffet someday. LOL.

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The Core

Lian came my house in the afternoon to do VBAS assignment, ate duck noodle that my mom brought back for lunch.

After the assignment went to watch The Core at Great World City. Show lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. It is a very nice show from my point of view because I like those Earth disaster type of movie, like Volcano, Deep Impact etc. It is a must watch if you are a regular movie-goer like Lian and I. Really worth the $8.50. I think this is better than X-Men 2.

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MMAS lecturer forgot to came to class today, thus we have extra 90 minutes of free time. Actually should have 120 minutes but 30 minutes spend outside waiting for her. LOL

Spend the time doing TBCM stuffs, then went for lunch, came back also got an hour break because MMAD lecture is online. Spend that hour doing TBCM and VB.

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VB Practical Test Results

Lecturer has announced the VB practical test results. I got an A+ (90 – 100). Was quite surprise about it, thought I only get an A. Well nevertheless I was happy of course. Forgot to mention that I got back my MMPJ practical results too. I got an B. It was expected. LOL

Solve my VBs Algorithm. Thanks to Choon Sing, the pro. Now left some GUI and features to implement in and my VB is done. Don’t think I will spend too much time on it. Got lots of assignments to rush.

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