The Matrix Reloaded

First time woke up so early since the holidays started. 10am. Rushed down to Marina Square to collect my The Matrix Reloaded tickets before meeting #pixel.junkies people at 11.30am.

Went straight to Seoul Garden at Marina Square later for a BBQ buffet. 9 of us went for the lunch buffet. Lian was early so met her at around 2.30pm. She ate Burger King. Went to Suntec City later for a walk as it is still early. The movie is at 4.10pm. Suntec is having a SAF fair or something. The whole mall is flooded with SAF people. So many blue and green uniform people.

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Eating Day

Woke up by my mom today at 10.30am asking me to go for a Tim Sum lunch at Lei Garden as her cousin will be flying back to New York next week.

Ate all the way till 2pm, after that, I rushed down to Orchard MRT to meet my classmates for a birthday celebration. They had lunch at The Nudle Bar, while I just drank a root beer float. Help him save money. LOL. The girls bought a oreo cheese cake from Marche, it don’t really taste that good. LOL

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Presents, Coding & Internet

Went to buy my classmate’s birthday present today. Walked around Ngee Any City, Hereen and Paragon. I bought a few things too. Bought a Talking Cock VCD for $9.95 from HMV and a handphone pouch from Annex. The handphone pouch will come in handy when I change to a camera phone as it can protect the camera hole from scratches.

Came home finally had an idea of what to code during the holidays. An inventory system that keep track of my spendings. Actually wanted to use VB.NET and ADO.NET, but I do not know how to use ADO.NET. End up using PHP and MYSQL.

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New Keyboard

Went to Bugis with Lian today. Had lunch at Swensens courtesy of my M1 $40 Swensens voucher. Didn’t know my set come with a soup of the day, coffee and an ice cream till after I ordered my other ice cream. End up couldn’t finish the free ice cream. LOL. Bill was cheap, had only need to pay $4+.

Walked around Bugis before proceeding to Suntec’s City Carrefour to buy Lian’s handheld vacuum cleaner. Whole body was aching after the badminton game yesterday. Thats the result of not exercising regularly. LOL

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Went to school to play Badminton at the Sports Hall with my poly mates. Luckily the hall was not close, and it is quite packed, all the courts are full.

Played till around 3pm. Was quite tired, long time didn’t exercise, stamina drop alot. LOL. Need time to train up. The newly renovated toilet beside the Sports Hall now has showering facility. Took a quick shower, feels so cooling after that. LOL. Next time can bring soap and tower to bath there after any sports game. Woo.

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Mothers’ Day

Woke up quite early because suppose to have a breakfast/lunch tim sum at Lei Garden with my mom’s side family. Went there early to queue up for registration although we have booked the table. Last year we went there quite late and we end up waiting for 1 hour for a table. People do learn from experience.

Received my M1’s SunPerks vouchers, 1 $40 Swensens voucher and 1 $30 Haagen-Dazs voucher, will be eating it with Lian one of these days. Speaking about handphone, feel like changing my handphone to the upcoming Sony Ericsson T610 which will be out late May/early June. Don’t really like Nokia now, features so limited and so common along the streets, almost like 8 out of 10 people using Nokia handphones. My handphones : Ericsson 768 > Nokia 3210 > Nokia 3310 > Nokia 8250 > Nokia 8310 > Nokia 7210.

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X-Men 2

Watched X-Men 2 at GV Marina yesterday. Well the show was nice, much better than the first X-Men. Was quite sad that Dr Jean died at the last part. My brother told me that in the next episode, she was rush to the hospital on time and she become a Phoenix. LOL

I really can’t stand Ah Sohs, yesterday I was taking a tray with 2 bowls of minced pork noodle, after the uncle had put it down on the tray, I walked back abit and turned around, immediately knock onto this ah soh, then after that she return back to her table she tell her friend that I am so clumpy because I knocked onto her. But she is the one that suppose to stand behind the yellow line, not in front, not on it, but behind it. Grr. That really makes my day.

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TBCM Exams

TBCM exams was quite okie, make a careless mistake by not reading the question properly and jumping to answer it. Miss out an answer for 1 part, around 4 marks gone =(. Finished the exams within 70 minutes, but Lian even faster, 60 minutes. LOL

Went to Funan for a Pasta lunch at Pasta Mania. The pasta stuff with cheese cooked with walnut sauce is nice but abit salty.

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Programming Languages Written Exams

Woke up quite late today, 2.30pm to be exact. Think it is because due to the rain that makes sleeping so nice. LOL.

Spend 1 hour studying for VB, so much thing to memories, those functions, methods, properties, events etc. I hate programming languages written exams. I don’t see a point remembering all this stuffs. Next time when you go out work, you also can refer and further more, the more you use this languages the more familiar it will become to you. I rather have 2 practical tests.

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Anger Management

Woke up at 11.30am today because I am suppose to meet my classmates for a birthday celebration. Went to Orchard earlier because I went to Hereen’s Annex fourskin store to apply for my membership card. The staff still recognizes me. LOL. Combined receipts of $150 entitles you to apply for the card. 15% discount for all items and when your birthday comes, they will give you a free t-shirt. Too bad my birthday is over. =(

Met them at Orchard MRT Station. They opened up their presents at there too. After that went to Cineleisure to watch Anger Management. Well the show is funny and lame, and the storyline is abit crap. LOL

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