Damm Drilling Noises

Again, woke up by the damm drilling noise before noon. Is either coming from the same bloody house or another fellow renovating his house.

Mom bought back Mac Donald’s Big Breakfast for me. Very long time didn’t eat it. Lian came online in the afternoon after many days of MIA. Played with her a few rounds of Warcraft III before she went off.

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The Matrix Reloaded Third Time

Saw the Making Of Matrix Reloaded in the early afternoon. It is fantastic. The amount of work they put into the pre-production is alot. After watching it, I think it is not easy to make a movie. Don’t know how many thousands of people required to make a movie.

Later went out to celebrate my classmate birthday today. Brought them to eat the famous minced pork noodle at Marina Square for lunch before watching Matrix Reloaded again. All of them will be watching it the second time and it will be my third time watching it. This time pin pointed alot of things. Thought I could get a glimpse of George Bush at the last part, but I think it is too fast for me. LOL

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Baby Cousin 1 Year Old

Went to Scotts that area in the afternoon to buy my baby cousin birthday present. More like my mom, bro and me accompany my grandmother to buy the present. LOL. Had lunch at the Scotts food court. Tried the Korea Claypot rice. It is nice, I think even better than the Chinese one. But quite expensive. $6.50.

After today, I think that the design of Shaw Center is very lousy. The exterior escalator doesn’t go to every level and some parts of the building is not connected to the shopping center.

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Long Queue For Kuey Chap

First time in the holidays slept till 2pm. Saturdays can be boring if you didn’t go out. Spent the whole afternoon doing my Inventory System, integrating it with a simple layout. Actually doing the webpage is easy, is the thinking process that is difficult and takes a long time.

At night, went to eat the Kuey Chap at Toa Payoh. First time I see so many people queuing up, waited for at least 30 minutes before getting our food. Maybe Singaporeans is celebrating SARS free day. LOL

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Merchant Court Dinner

Met Lian at Bishan MRT Today. Wow, Junction 8 is really crowded with people today, further more it is a weekday. This shows that their effort to promote the mall was paid off. Alot of shops has changed since I last been to there. Seiyu taken over Diamaru, NTUC taken over the Diamaru’s Supermarket, Best Denki taken over Safe Superstore. Popular, Sembawang Music, QB Express are some of the new shops that I saw. Music Junction closes down.

Was too crowded, thus didn’t stay there for very long. Went to Bugis and Sim Lim Square after that to look around for the official launch date of T610, but to no avail. Proceed to Orchard later for a walk and on the way ask around for news of the launch date. Asked the M1 shop at Takashimaya, they also not sure. Went to Paragon and asked the M1 shop there. The sales girl said that the phone should be launched by next week and saw a post on the Hardware Zone forum that the phone is rumored to be launched on 28th this month. Woot. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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Warm Weather

Don’t know what the heck happen to our weather these days. It has been so warm and humid. Need to bath at least twice a day if not your whole body will feel so sticky. Crap weather. How I wish there is snow in Singapore. For the past 19 years didn’t see or touch real snow before. =(

Dad was on MC today and yet he can go fishing. I really got nothing to say. LOL. Ate my house here the lor mee for lunch. Still my favorite lor mee store.

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Peaceful Morning Finally

Finally had a peaceful morning sleep. They start drilling in the afternoon. At least better than drilling in the morning. When they drill in the afternoon, I can blast them back with my music. Evil laughter.

As usual, spend the whole afternoon surfing around mobile phone forums and coding my inventory system. Maybe once I complete that, I shall continue coding my food module. At least the food module is easier to code.

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Noisy Morning IV

This time the damm bloody noise woke me up 9am, but I laid in bed till about 11am. Didn’t have enough sleep. Damm those idiots. This time instead of drilling noises there is some hammer knocking sound. I found of that it is a unit behind me under renovation. Crap. Think tomorrow also will be the same.

Met Lian at 1pm for lunch at Burger King in Raffles place. It was the most crowded Burger King outlet that I have ever been too. Queue for 15 minutes before getting my food. Talking about fastfood.

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Noisy Morning III

In the morning around 11am woken up by the stupid drilling sound which is coming from downstairs again. I hate it when being woken up by those irritating noises. It just get into your nerves. Later found out from my dad that they are leveling the floor to prevent still water from collecting there, so as to prevent mosquitoes breeding. At least this is a better reason that the drilling of pillars.

Add Lotong for lunch, bought home by my mom. Spend the afternoon coding the inventory system. This time finish the sessions scripting and some user level stuff.

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Free Swatch watch

Haven’t been sleeping enough lately, thus today slept till 2pm. LOL. For lunch, ate another famous lor mee from Amoy Street, bought back by my parents. Don’t really like it. Still prefer my house downstairs cofeeshop one.

Spend the afternoon coding my inventory system again, this time I have finished coding the login process. I am more motivated to do programming than designing. Maybe this explains why I suck in design. LOL

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