MMPJ Exams

Lian came my house in the afternoon to study for MMPJ, left my house at about 3.45pm. On the bus then I realize that i didn’t remember to do alot of things. Bring last semester exams paper, take my SP exams letter and drink my essence of chicken. The only thing that I am luckily about is leaving the house in time because as as soon as we reach school, the rain started to fall.

MMPJ exams start at 6pm, but delayed all the way to around 6.20pm as this is our first exam of the semester and because of the SARS thing, lecturer got alot of stuff to say. Thought they will give us a digital oral thermometer, didn’t know is a mercury thermometer. SP so rich also cannot afford a digital thermometer. Furthermore we need to bring that thermometer for every exam we are taking, if not we need to buy it at $10. Crap.

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Home-Cooked Western Food

Woke up at 1pm today again. As usual, did the same old stuff as what I did on Saturday. Study for MMPJ. Study till the evening, before taking a rest. Watch Speed on Channel 5 at 7.30pm, one of the old and repeated movie shown on Channel 5.

Ate my mom’s home-cooked western food for my dinner. Baked potatoes, corns, carrots, beans, pork chop, ham, sausages. Woo, so nice. LOL

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8th Month

Slept till 1pm today. Ate lunch before start studying for my MMPJ. 13 chapter lectures slide to read. It is quite alot. So much information to remember. I hate to memorize stuff. It is not practical at all. But luckily the exam paper will be based on case studies. Evertime study 1 chapter, the chapters before it all forgot. Sigh

Played abit of MechWarrior 4 : Mercenaries in the late afternoon to destress myself(as if I have been stress out). LOL

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Had VB lecture in the morning. Lecturer went through last semester exams paper. The paper was quite easy but abit tricky.

Went to Marina Square later. Ate the minced pork noodle there for lunch. Actually everytime we went Marina Square I would want to eat the minced pork noodle there, but Lian don’t really like it, so end up not eating it. LOL. This time she say I sick so she give in to me. LOL

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VB Interview

Went to school for 3 lessons today TBCM, MMPJ and VBAS. Got an A for my MMPJ assignment after checking it with the lecturer.

My VBAS interview start at 2pm right after lunch. Was hoping to go first then can leave earlier and hoping that my lecture lecturer will interview us instead of our tutorial lecture. But so bloody unluckily we are the second last group and interview by out tutorial lecturer. That lecturer interview us 1 by 1 instead of a pair, wasting so much time. Actually my schedule is 3.50pm and I thought I can leave by 4pm, but that lecturer drag till almost 5pm. So end up waiting 3 hours for my turn to be interviewed. CRAP

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Had IGRA as my first exam of the day. Well it sucks. Quite difficult for me and not enough time to do. Sigh, hope I can pass this exam or fail by border line, then overall I can pass. =(

Waited for 4 hours till my next exam, which is MMAS. This is opposite of IGRA, it is so easy, more than enough time to do it. I hope to get an A for MMAS after taking this exams.

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MMAS & IGRA Study Day

Woke up in the afternoon. Bought lunch back from my house downstairs coffeeshop. It has been months since I ate the Wan Ton Mee there. Miss it. By the way, my house area got 2 coffeshops, 1 is famous for its Lor Mee and the other is for its Wan Ton Mee and Western Food. =D

Started studying for my MMAS at 3pm till about 6pm. Of course with breaks in between. I got short concentration power of only about an hour or 2. Touched little bit or IGRA only. Wrote down all the important codes in my book as it is a open book test. Took a short nap after that.

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IGRA Exams Clash

First lesson was IGRA revision lecture. Crap. The exams is on this Wednesday not Saturday. Clash with my MMAS exams. No choice, have to study harder. Luckily IGRA is open book test, so is still ok. More worried about MMAS exams. Sigh. Will start studying tomorrow, as I will study IGRA today.

Had my MMAS/MMAD 5 minutes interview. Nothing much just let teacher see your application and compared it with the storyboard.

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HP iPAQ 5450

Went to pray in the afternoon as exams is coming. Pray that I can recover quickly and get good grades in exams. Went to Bugis Junction for lunch. Wanted to eat Mos Burger, but end up eating Swensens because my parents hated fastfood. LOL

Came home, my uncle ask me to go Funan with him, he want to see digital camera. Went to Funan, instead of seeing for digital camera, he bought a HP iPAQ 1910 and bought for me a HP iPAQ 5450 with 128MB SD Memory. He bought that for me because he strike 4D first prize. LOL. So luckily. And he just struck the third prize not long ago. Thanks Uncle Raymond. =D

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Bullet Proof Monk

Think I just got a flu today, running nose and slight cough. But luckily no fever. The SARS outbreak is getting quite bad. Thanks to China who cover up the whole incident since it is first discovered last year.

Met Lian in the afternoon to watch Bullet Proof Monk. Didn’t saw any trailer on this film, only posters. But surprisingly, it is nice, even better than Johnny English.

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