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Lian came my house in the morning to do her DEAE assignment. Had lunch at Cineleisure foodcourt before meeting Klaus and gang to buy Jacky’s birthday present. Walked till my leg is “sour”. From Wisma Atria to Far East to Shaw to Ngee Ang City.

After everything, Lian and I had a light snack at Takashimya foodcourt, while the others went home. Came home look through my director file, realize that there are some very minor aesthetic bug here and there. Fixed all of them and improve on the quiz results. As expected the deadline for MMAD/MMAS assignment is extended to Monday, 21st April 2003, 10am.

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The Returner

Suppose to have IGRA interview at 9am in the morning, but lecturer was late for an hour and Lian coming my house later on. So I end up telling him I will book the interview timeslot on Wednesday. I think almost the whole class got interviewed except for me. And I saw one of my classmate’s screen saver. I was totally demoralize. The lecturer was shock too. Most pro people who uses particle system cannot answer the first question of the interview. Luckily mine is simple and I did not use it, although I understand it abit.

Met Lian at Tiong Bahru Plaza before coming home to watch The Returner. It is a Japanese action pack show. The effect was good. Proceed to Orchard later to buy Lian’s shoes from OG. Sat down at Mos Burger at Ngee Ang City after that before coming home.

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National Kidney Foundation Show 2003 Part 1

Woke up in the afternoon. Went to World Trade Center, now known as Harbor Front Center for lunch at the foodcourt there. The food there sucks, and Harbor Front Center got nothing much to see, although after major renovations it is now much nicer on the inside.

Came home printed my MMAD/MMAS task 7 and 8. Try to get everything ready by Wednesday, because deadline is on Friday. Learned my lessons on last minute work.

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Express Bus 501

Ate my house Lor Mee for lunch, been weeks since I ate that. Miss the Lor Mee. LOL. Went to Compass Point to meet Lian. When I reached there, she say she late 30 minutes. Went to Delifrance to sit down and have some light snacks. Tried the DeliPotatoes, nice from my point of view because I like potatoes. I look around and I think I am the only one that eat with the potato’s skin on, the rest just left behind the skin.

Walked round Compass Point after Lian Came. Actually Compass Point got nothing much. Both of us got bored of it and decided to go to Suntec’s City. Took the Express Bus 501 because it is the only bus from Sengkang that goes to Suntec. Cannot use BusPass and the fare is $2. LOL

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Year 3 Electives

Don’t really have the time to blog yesterday, so I post it now. LOL

Went to school for MMAD tutorial, to submit TBCM assignment and to choose my year 3 electives. Anyway, SP year 3 electives is very dumb. Shall not talk about it. I will just go on and on and on. Took JSPG(Java Server Programming) and GAME(Games Development). Lian took JSPG(Java Server Programming) and AAUP(Adv Audio Production). She took AAUP because she don’t have a choice.

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Went to school for TBCM lessons. TBCM assignment has been completed, printed and binded. Didn’t went for VB today as the lesson is used to do assignment, and I have already completed it.

Went to Marina Square Mos Burger for lunch. Tried something different today, the HotDog. Nothing special about it, still prefer the burger. Caught Dreamcatcher at 3.50pm. Show lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is a good show, recommended to watch it. Story by Stephen King is normally good. =D

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No school today, Lian came to my house to watch Steal, a VCD that I bought yesterday along with The Returner. The show is very nice, I think it is nicer than The Recruit. Pity that I missed that movie in the Cinemas.

Went to Cineleisure foodcourt for lunch. Walked round Hereen and Ngee Ang City. Lian bought a Japanese magazine and she saw the DVDs that she wanted, but it is very ex. $100 for 2 limited edition DVDs. Is all about branding these days.

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The Recruit

Went to school only for TBCM. Next week got TBCM job interview role play, must wear formal again. Should not have wash my long pants. Thanks to one of my classmate, my MMAD/MMAS prototype is now completed. Now left the beta test reports and questionnaire.

Went to Orchard for a walk as it was still early, so Lian and I decided to catch a The Recruit at Cineleisure. We sat the last row, which is the couple sits, then after a while 2 guys come and sit beside us, thought they made a mistake, but after a while and sad to say they are gay. Yucks.

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BTT Passed

Lian came my house in the morning, after that went to Marina Square’s Mos Burger for lunch. Watched Iron Ladies 2. It is in Thai and the show is around 2 hours long. The show is the gayest show I have ever watch, but nevertheless some part is quite touching although overall the show is meant to be funny as it is a comedy show.

Came home opened my letterbox, saw a letter from Traffic Police and it is addressed to me. I was quite excited because it confirm is my results slip for my BTT. Reached home, immediately opened it and I pass. Was very happy of course. Will be applying my provisional driving license (PDL) so that I can take the practical lessons in the circuit. Hehe =D

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IGRA Almost Completed

Went to eat Ng Ah Sio’s Pork Ribs Soup at Rangoon Road for lunch. Long time since I ate that. The pork ribs soup is the best in Singapore. =D~~~~

Came home spend the whole afternoon rushing my IGRA assignment. Now it is more or less completed, if possible I want to make the camera move, but don’t know how. LOL

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