40 Days Of Christmas With HP

I was invited for HP Singapore 40th Anniversary at Dempsey The House last Friday. Didn’t take pictures as I left my camera at home, but you can check out Joe’s Blog for pictures! And the food there is fantastic. The part is hosted by Muttons from 987FM and they are awesomely funny!

To celebrate HP Singapore 40th Anniversary, there is 40 Days of Christmas with HP. From 22nd November 2010 through to 31st December 2010, HP will be giving Christmas shoppers 40 days of great offers.

HP ENVY14 Beats Edition

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Standard Chartered Breeze Bloggers Meet

I did not have a good first time encounter with Standard Chartered because they rejected my credit card application!! I am pretty sure it is not my salary but rather the number of months (about 6 months) I have work since I graduated. But nevertheless, I re-applied last week again and hopefully this time it will get approved.

I was invited to the Standard Chartered Breeze Bloggers Meet organised by Qais Consulting. The event was held at Boathouse Fullerton. I was there early as usual about 1 hour early and most of the staff from SCB are already there and the reception table has been set up.


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SingTel iPhone 4 Launch

This is the 3rd time SingTel has launch an iPhone, the first being the iPhone 3G and second being the iPhone 3GS. They got it right this time!

The location was at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (Hall F) instead of the the usual SingTel Comcenter. As this is a proper convention center, the space is huge and it is fully air-conditioned. This time round, it is strictly by appointment basis and no walked in is allowed. They are a few “layers” of security to make sure that happens. Even if your appointment is at 3am but you came at 11pm, they will make you queue up under the 3am queue. As long as people followed by their appointment timing, things will be smooth.

Left is 12am Queue. Right is 3am Queue

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SingTel iPhone 4 Launch Clarification

Here is the official word from SingTel on what to expect from the launch of iPhone 4 tonight and over the weekends:

SingTel has chosen a new and bigger venue to launch the new iPhone 4 this year at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. We are selling the phones at a centralised location so that all customers with appointments can buy their phones from one place conveniently. The larger venue also allows customers to be entertained by interactive demo zones where they can access and learn about SingTel’s latest mobile apps ranging from navigation to shopping apps. Customers can also enjoy food and beverages, plus song and dance performances.

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Cisco Flip MinoHD Event

Went for the Cisco Flip MinoHD event yesterday at The Queen And Mangosteen located in VivoCity. It is my first time at The Queen And Mangosteen and the food there is very nice! Definitely will be going back there again.

Back to the Flip MinoHD, wasn’t really impressed by it. It can’t auto focus, no macro, no optical zoom and judging for the unit I played yesterday, the battery life isn’t that great. However having said that, the selling point of the Flip MinoHD is not the device itself but the software (FlipShare) that comes with it.

Flio MinoHD Booth At VivoCity

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Iomega 1st Blogging Event

When I posted my pictures of Iomega 1st Blogging Event which happened yesterday, many thought that Iomega is dead after their Zip Drive failed to penetrate the market because of the widespread of USB flash drives. But in fact they have been bought over by EMC which is a Fotune 500 company and specializes in data storage for US$213 million.

But yeap, now they are back. I kinda like Iomega products, I got their 100MB, 250MB and 750MB Zip Drives and I got a few old computers which is using their CD Writer and it is still working till today. BTW, TDK DVD Writer sucks, mine was spoilt before even reaching 2 years.

Iomega Products Offering

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Sony Ericsson Wonder Girls Showcase

Thanks to Amelia and Felicia, Li Xiang and I was invited to the Sony Ericsson Wonder Girls Showcase. In case you are wondering, Wonder Girls are the ambassador for Sony Ericsson Asia Pacific. The event was held at Marina Bay Sands.

I was totally looking forward to the event because personally I prefer Wonder Girls than Super Junior. But once we entered the hall, it totally spoilt my mood. Wonder Girls are fantastic but the event is definitely not.


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Intel Bloggers Event

Was invited to Intel exclusive blogger event on Monday, 7th June 2010, at Starhub center which is where the Intel office is. My first impression of the office is that they got tall cubicles!

We are introduce to the latest Intel technology, SSD, Wireless Display, Project “Tangent Bay”, Light Peak, Super Thin Laptops and Intel’s App Store!

Memory vs CPU Upgrades

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SingTel’s Media Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S With Super Junior

Samsung has partnered SingTel to launch the Samsung Galaxy S in Singapore. SingTel is the first telecom operator in the world to carry the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S is an Android 2.1 phone featuring a 4″ super AMOLED screen display and a 1GHz processor. The phone displays is less reflective yet able to retain the brilliance of colors and sharp clarity. It is amazingly responsive even when typing on the keyboard. It also have haptic feedback that indicates by vibrating when you touch on any virtual keys (Li Xiang is very amaze with this).

Media Pass

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