LG Blogger Night – LG Optimus 2X & LG Optimus Black

Went for LG Blogger Night on Thursday at Black Coffee Dessert Bar located in TripleOne Somerset where they show us the LG Optimus 2X & LG Optimus Black.

The main feature of the LG Optimus 2X is the dual core NVIDIA TEGRA 2 Processor running at 1GHz and the overall experience of the phone is indeed snappy. If a stock Android ROM instead, I am sure it will be even faster. I am not a fan of any manufacturer customizing their own Android UI. I just prefer the stock Android UI. Having said that, the LG Android UI do have some similarities with the Samsung TouchWhiz UI.

Entrance Of Black

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Angry Birds Plush Toy & SingTel Droid Toy At IT Show 2011

If you fancy either an Angry Birds Plush Toy or a SingTel Droid Toy, just head down to SingTel Booth at IT Show 2011 and show them that you are a fan of SingTel by liking their Facebook page,, and then show your Facebook profile to the staff there and you will get a chance to catch one of these using the catcher aka UFO machine!

Angry Birds Plush Toy

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mig33 Android Client

Been working on mig33 Android Client for the past few months with my colleagues. I am tasked to style the Android native UI using Java/XML as well as the webpages in HTML5/CSS3. Been fun working on the Android but styling the native UI is sometimes very tedious! I wonder will it be easier on iOS.

And now, the first beta of mig33 Android Client is ready for download! You need to be using Android 2.1 (Eclair) and above in order to use the app.

Welcome Screen | Login Screen

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SingTel Brings In Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab will be available in Singapore only to SingTel customers from 13th Nov 2010. You can pre-order the Galaxy Tab from and pre-order begins on 30th October 2010 till 12th November 2010. No word on the pricing yet as it will be revealed on the 14th November 2010.

The Galaxy Tab will be available with SingTel’s existing 3G Flexi price plans and a range of SingTel’s home and mobile broadband plans.

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Android Market Coming To Singapore

Android Market is finally coming to Singapore alongside with 19 other countries. Now developers from 29 countries are able to sell their app on Android market (up from 9) and users from 32 countries can purchases paid Android apps from Android Market (up from 14).

Since we launched Android and Android Market, we have seen the population of Android users and devices expand into many countries. This widespread adoption has brought with it growing interest in Android Market’s support for the buying and selling of paid applications in these additional countries.

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Motorola BackFlip Review

SingTel send me the Motorola BackFlip for a review last month but because of my busy schedule I can only review it till recently. I apologize for the delay. I will be only covering the physical aspect of the phone because in terms of OS and software it is very similar to the Motorola Dext which I reviewed 5 months ago.

If you notice the battery cover comes separately in the package instead of being pre-fixed to the back of the phone.

Box View

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