Flip British Plug – Flip Quad

I backed the Flip British Plug on Kickstarter on 22nd November 2015. The project was funded on 18th December 2015 after raising a total of £28,115 out of their initial goal of £15,000 from 1,140 backers.

I chose the £14 reward level and shipping to Singapore cost another £5. So in total, I paid £19 (S$38).

Flip British Plug - Flip Quad - Box Front
Flip British Plug – Flip Quad – Box Front

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Circles.Life Price Plans

Circles.Life is a Singapore-based consumer brand of Liberty Wireless. It is founded by three entrepreneurs, Rameez Ansar, Abhishek Gupta and Adeel Najam who had previously worked for Temasek Holdings, McKinsey, StarHub and other companies.

It is “sort of” the 4th telco in Singapore if you consider Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) a telco.


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Apple Magic Mouse 2

Bought the Apple Magic Mouse 2 for S$119 because my old Magic Mouse had spoilt.

I am able to connect my old Magic Mouse to my iMac but when I move the mouse, the cursor still stays put. Tried changing batteries and even using a different Mac, both method didn’t work which makes me conclude that it is spoilt for good.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Box Front
Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Box Front

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Facebook Instant Articles

I have submmited a request for this site to publish Facebook Instant Articles since last Thursday and it finally got approved today (despite it says 24-48 hours review process)

I am using the official plugin called Instant Articles for WP by Automattic to generate an Instant Article RSS feed.

Facebook Instant Articles - Settings - 1
Facebook Instant Articles – Settings – 1

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Klipsch Reference X6i

The Klipsch Reference X6i was announced in 12th November 2015 in the US and has been available in Singapore since March 2016.

You can get the Klipsch X6i at the usual gadget stores like Courts or Challenger or at Tat Chuan Acoustic Online Store. The official retail price is S$329. It is available in two colors, White and Black.

Klipsch Reference X6i - Pouch
Klipsch Reference X6i – Pouch

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