WP-Polls & WP-UserOnline Updates

WP-Polls 2.12 Beta
» No more the use of IMG tag to generate the poll’s result. It is now based on DIV tag. The default class to it is ‘pollbar-image’ in which it will use the image as the background in the DIV. If you like something simpler, you can always replace it with ‘pollbar-css’. This will use CSS to generate the color of the poll result bar which can be configured in ‘polls-css.css’.

» I have gotten rid of wp-polls.php and the archive link below the Poll. Now if you want to to show the Polls Archive, just create a page and type in [ page_polls ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area.

» Now you can have the title of the Poll’s Widget.

» Ability to logged by Username instead of by cookie/ip.

» Fixed an AJAX problem in which if the site’s URL doesn’t match WP Option’s Site URL, WP-Polls will not work.

WP-UserOnline 2.05 Beta
» I have gotten rid of wp-useronline.php. Now to show the UserOnline page, just create a page and type in [ page_useronline ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area, followed by the URL to that newly created page in ‘WP-Admin -> Options -> Useronline’.

» Changed in WP-UserOnline structure: Members Mean Registered Users and Guests Mean Comment Authors or Visitors

» get_users_browsing_site(false) and get_users_browsing_page(false) will now return an array containing Total Users, Total Members, Total Guests and Total Bots Online

» Now you can have the title of the UserOnline’s Widget.

» Fixed an AJAX problem in which if the site’s URL doesn’t match WP Option’s Site URL, WP-UserOnline will not work.

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45 thoughts on “WP-Polls & WP-UserOnline Updates”

  1. Great updates! Thanks.

    But I have 2 questions:
    1. When we get the final versions?
    2. What does is mean in the readme.html: “Updated: » 1st October 2006”?

  2. Have you had any complaints about the answers no showing up? I’ve got 2.11 plugged-in. The results show up fine, but there are no answers/checkboxes to vote!


  3. Is 2.12 fully functional? I moved over to it because 2.11 wasn’t correctly displaying the archive page. So far I haven’t noticed any issues, though I had to add a field to the mysql database.

  4. Yap, it is fully up on my site testing waiting for feedback. Yea alot of ppl having issues on integrating their theme with some of my plugin pages, that is why i finally come out with it.

  5. Is anyone else experiencing problems with users being shown results instead of the option to vote even if their IP is unique and they have no membership?

    I’ve had various people look at the site and many of them just see the results without the option to vote.

    I’m running the 2.12alpha from last week. I’ll try to trace the bug but just wanted to check first if this is happening elsewhere or just me.

  6. Okay I think I traced the bug, though this is just after a brief overview, no actual testing.

    When the ability is set to “username” you direct send the check to
    function check_voted_username($poll_id)
    The problem with this is that inside that function you do NOT check to see if $user_ID is 0 or not. So if ANY guest votes, I think it’s storing their transaction as user #0 and then no other guest can vote?

    So within the check by username, you need to have a fallover for $user_ID===0 and then go back to checking by check_voted_ip($poll_id).

    This is a total guess on my part but perhaps this might work:

    function check_voted_username($poll_id) {
    global $wpdb, $user_ID;
    $pollsip_userid = intval($user_ID);
    if ($user_ID==0) {return check_voted_ip($poll_id);}

    Though I’d rather fall back to ip+cookie.

  7. Yes i have WP-Polls Widget 2.12 installed and active, but the polls work with the code of previous version pasted in the sidebar.


  8. CK: nice one there. Thanks alot, I have fixed this with your method and will update it in the cvs shortly.

    Giuseppe: I mean the widget plugin not the wp-polls widget. Here, http://automattic.com/code/widgets/ Your theme must also support widget. It is the same code for the sidebar. I didn’t change anything beside removing the polls archive link.

  9. I just thought of something else.
    A visitor could be clever and get a double vote in if they wanted to, by first voting logged out and then logging in. It will pass the current tests, even with my little fix above (which I have now tested working).

    What we should do is see if any cookies exist for wordpress members on that’s visitor’s browser, even if they are not logged in.

    The problem with that is, someone that knows what they are doing can fake the cookie for any other user without logging in, and then they can vote via the previous logic.

    It’s a complete logic problem with no clear solution.
    I guess just double checking the IP is okay for now.

    I might have to take a look at other voting solutions to see how they handle it, though I guess most solve it by not allowing you to vote at all if you are not a registered member, and we don’t want that.

    By the way, why are you even bothering to store $pollip_host ?
    It’s really of no use beyond the IP.
    The gethostbyaddr($pollip_ip) call takes a relatively long time to do and is really not used at any future point (other than to make the logs pretty). You could make the IP’s a link and do a whois or something if the admin wants to know more later on while looking at the logs.

    Thanks for keeping up with my fixes/suggestions 😉

  10. CK: No problem man, your suggestion/fixes/improvements are great. I visit your wordpress blog often =D Regarding the pollip_host, I like to see the full thing. LOL, just a personal pref.

    Giuseppe: maybe your DOCTYPE declaration is split into 2 lines?

  11. Fixed, but error persist, if you look at the first line of the source code its blank and i don’t now to remove it. the header.php don’t have white space.

    tks very much

  12. Fixed blank line, was the geo plugin, probably when i paste it in the plugins there was 1 line oafter php close tag.

    Thanks but the CODE don’t validate when polls are shown somthing in cdata???

  13. Perhaps CDATA open with [ [ and close with ] ] i can’t see the close ] in CDATA


  14. Ok, now the main problem is fixed, and the problem is back to previous 2.11 version (some problem with css and xhtml validation).
    One p align center fixed deleting all align center in p tag (layout is the same).

    if you want to see the problem try validate the site with previous post link


  15. One p align center fixed deleting all align center in p tag (layout is the same). [XHTML Validation] one of the two problems. Other is visible when you check with validator

    And css validator have problems as you see if check with css validator


  16. i use text-align instead of align.

    CSS error cant be help. I tried, unless u do not want the opacity. because that is the property of it.

  17. Now error is on this line:
    probably if this line is fixed also css is ok. Or not.

    Ok i find the problem, but don’t know where to put the P tag in polls.php.
    input hidden have to be closed with P tag and xhtml work fine.
    please tell me where tu put the TAG


    Exme, code putted xhtml 1.1 work fine. Problem only with opacity in css valdation now.


    Ok now css work, simply delted same line of code.

    thank you polls are very good work, may be i install some other of your plugin


  18. input hidden all the code line must be close with P or h1 or h2 or so on to validate as xhtml 1.1


  19. serious? would that leave a blank space since input hidden will not show anything. If i dun close with p for XHTML 1.0, it works fine. Am i right o say that?

  20. For XHTML 1.1 work fine, look at source code of my site INPUT tag is close with P. For XHTML 1.0 don’t know.


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