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29 thoughts on “WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta”

  1. you can many sticky post. Of course the later sticky post will be on top of the older sticky post.

    Nope, it is for post only.

  2. Hi, it’s me again
    thx for the plugin 😉
    hope you can add sticky pages feature later

    Do I have to upgrade to WP 2.1 to use this plugin?

  3. I don’t think so, i did not test on 2.0.9, but it should work. Sticky pages? I don’t actually see a point in sticky pages. Care to enlighten me?

  4. that is not page, that is some text, the blog of mine is mostly self coded, does not based on WordPress except for the blog part.

  5. Ahh… I see
    wish I could do some coded stuff -_-;

    anyway can u make a plugin to do something like that? that will be cool.
    I already try the plugin tough… but your self coded is what exactly that I want.
    Not from either post or pages.

    but I guess I’m being selfish ^^;
    sorry… and thanks 🙂

  6. I dont think I will make a plugin like that because it is not worth the extra query. You can actually modify header.php or maybe index.php to have the same effect. The content there is static and I have to update it manually.

  7. Greets.

    I’m using your plugin and cannot get the Announcement to show the “Announcement Banner:” I have set in the Options. I have the following:

    Cats Only- No
    Display Date- No
    Announcement Banner: Tonight!

    Am I missing something?

  8. For me at least, the plugin messes with RSS – after the sticky post gets set (as sticky or announcement), anything posted after it doesn’t hit my RSS newsfeed.

  9. 404 error when i try to dowload WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta2
    Can u give the link pls
    Thanks B4

  10. I am also having a problem with my RSS feed. If the wp-sticky option “Categories Only” is set to “No”, the RSS feed contains only my announcement posts. If I set “Categories Only” to “Yes”, the RSS feed works normally.

  11. so, this fixes the issue of paging posts that is broken when using the adhesive plugin to keep a specific post at the top of all others? And, is it 2.3x compatible?

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