WP-DownloadManager 1.00 Beta

I have updated the readme and as promised, here is WP-DownloadManger 1.00. The download file below is being embedded into this post via the plugin =)

» WP-DownloadManager Screenshots

» WP-DownloadManager Support Forum

The readme.html is inside the zip and here is the live demo page. For more information, refer to the post below this.

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40 thoughts on “WP-DownloadManager 1.00 Beta”

  1. thank you, did it work well for you? I am going to include in most downloaded files and most recent files soon.

  2. Hi,
    im trying it now and it works very well!!
    you could see it on: http://hermandadblanca.org/archives/downloads/
    the password is “gamerz”

    could i ask you for some includes?? 😀

    1) could you make a category browsing like this: http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/

    Something like:
    “Browse Downloads by Category”
    “Newest Downloads”
    “Most Downloaded”

    2) In the downloads page (i love this one) there is some way for showing only ONE category? some function?


  3. 1) But I don’t think I will add in sub categories into it because it is too much hassle and I am bad in recursion programming. “Most Downloaded” is already done, I am left with the “Newest Downloads” and “Downloads by Category”.

    2) Noted =)

  4. hi,

    And did you think on some good widget? 😀

    I think then there could be various downloads pages instead only one… and we can select the category of each download page… what do you think?
    (something like [page_downloads,category])
    And some [page_downloads,overview] with stats and overview from each category so what users can enter them…

    Where can we download the updates?

    I love your work! you are a master of programing 😉

    Did you visit my website?


  5. I was thinking of that too, regarding the widgets side, I would prefer user to download a widget that can exec php code and use it instead of manually creating one.

  6. Hi,

    Great plugin. I am still getting all the content in place, but this plugin seems to be what I was looking for. I have question though:

    I have all the files already in a folder in the server, but despite configuring the path to this folder the plugin still requires that I upload each file individually. Is there a way to process all these file at once? (there over 300 files in this folder)

    Thanks a lot,


  7. sorry, you have to add it manually unless you can create a script that generates the data to the database automatically.

  8. When I first install the plugin and try to add a file, i get the following mysql error:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘e1071.wp_downloads’ doesn’t exist]
    INSERT INTO wp_downloads VALUES (0, ‘/cheat116.zip’, ‘sdsadsad’, ‘asdasdsadsadasd’, ‘1371836’, 0, ‘1185534472’, 0, 0)

    obviously with my limited mysql knowledge, i know the table doesn’t exist, i assumed it would be automatically created after activating the plugin. Is there something i may have missed doing first? (updated the permalinks as well).

  9. Actually, the problem was that missing table that manually needed to be created that i found in your forums (would have helped if i actually read it first :P). Great plugin.

  10. Hiya,

    Firstly, great plugin, and it works great on my site, just what the doctor ordered!!

    I have a slight problem, when I add downloads on manage downloads they are alphabetical, and as I have about 200 i find it hard finding the ID when to embeedd each one into a post .

    Question is, can I sort the files by ID(on manage downloads), so 1,2,3 so then I can find the correct id, after i add the file, its atthe bottom…

    Thanks !


  11. Heres another question and/or suggestion for you. How about when managing downloadings in the admin panel, being able to limit the amount to be return, (25, 50, 100, whatever) per page. Also, would it be possible for a mod/hack on the listing page to be able to generate links instead of to the file, but to a seperate page, automatically adding the embedded download link?

  12. 1) Yap, that is already in the updated version
    2) I have added quicktag for visual/code editor so that you can just type the file ID.

  13. Updated version? Is that in private beta testing as I dont see a link other than to the 1.00 on your site. Also, i encountered another problem today. Seems that when people actually click the download embedded link (those who have permission) will get the download, and all files turn out to be 0 bytes (yet they are fine on the server). Suggestions?

  14. Sorry for flooding these comments, but i updated to the latest plugin (beta 3), and I still get 0 bytes on file downloads, and am hoping for a suggestion to what i’m doing wrong/fix for this.

  15. I will see if I can duplicate this problem.

    Make sure that the file is not remote file and the path to the file is correct.

  16. When someone downloads a file, and clicks to save, ALL files end up being 0 bytes (on the hard drive one downloads to). Everything else works great, except one that big issue. 😛

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