All Good Things Must Come To An End

As you all know, I have been doing WordPress plugins and supporting it for the past 6 years. These 6 years of my life, I have been through my polytechnic education, my national service as well as my university education.

I just graduated from university in December 2009 and have been jobless for 2 months. However, things change for the better. I was offered a full-time job and will be starting work this coming Monday on the 1st February 2010.

I regret to say that I am not able to provide support for my plugins anymore due to my full-time job commitment. I will leave my WordPress plugins support forums open and let the community help one another.

However, I will still update my plugins when I can and you still can report bugs to me via email and I will try to fix it.

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment and being supportive. I really appreciate it =)

Thanks to Jeff who donated numerous time to me and posted it in Weblog Tools Collection

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86 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come To An End”

  1. Hey there,

    I’ve been using several of your plugins for quite a while without any kind of trouble, which is awesome!

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into them. So, thanks a lot!

    Good luck at your new job and in general. 🙂

  2. Lester – good luck with your job and many thanks for all of the hours you put into your plug-ins. You are a credit to the WordPress spirit and community. We will miss you but are happy for you on your new journey!!

  3. Firstly congrats on your new job, I have no doubt that you will be a success there :).

    Secondly, Thanks for your superb plugins and all the hard work you have volunteered so selflessly to make WordPress (WP) a better system.

    I have just decided to give WP a serious twirl after a bit of a dabble around a year ago, (I’m more or a Joomla! aficionado and Drupal use as well to a lesser extent). I have been having a good time setting up a test WP site (localhost) in the past week. I have installed two of your plugins – WP-UserOnline and WP-Polls. I know just a bit of PHP and could not help but marvel at the exceptional level of coding in those two plugins. WP-Plugins especially is simply phenomenal :). I sincerely hope that some capable coder in the WP world steps to maintain it. I would have been happy to do so if I possessed the prerequisite skills :). It will be an absolute shame to lose such a tremendous plugin especially since there is such a dearth of full-featured poll plugins in WP.

    Once again huge thanks for your immeasurable contribution and all the best :).

  4. Congratulations Lester and the very best of luck in your position.

    Your plugins and contribution have been appreciated and certainly made life a lot easier for me.

    Thanks again and happy days

  5. Hey Lester.

    Thanks for all your work so far with your awesome plugins!
    I hope you enjoy your job, wish you luck and that you learn a ton and that it will get the best out of you.

    If you are getting the job because you needed it, I recommend that if you don’t enjoy it so so much, you take some time to start entrepreneuring yourself (freedom is always sweet!) and damn you’re so talented!

    I’ve seen a lot of programmers, plugin and theme developers, etc… that keep on working with the open source community, while making money with their own projects and websites.

    Anyway, I’m stepping out of line I guess.

    The core is… deep thanks, best of luck and may we all realize our full potential!!

  6. Hey David,

    I did start a small startup web hosting company but unfortunately to the stagnent and competitive market, we did not earn much, so we closed it down.

    Nah, you are definitely not over the line. I thought of that at first but rejected the idea because I would say the income is not stable and not feasible in my location (Singapore) as I only can accept PayPal payments. And hence I prefer a proper full-time jobs because of stable salary and employee benefits =)

    Thanks for the support =D

  7. Hi Lester.

    Congratulations on graduating from university! What a feeling 🙂

    Congratulations on your new job! Your new company is so lucky to hire you. Speaking from a management viewpoint, based on what I’ve seen in your plugins and your support, you’ll perform better than expectations! Don’t forget us, WP community, when you’re super rich and totally famous, because we sure won’t forget you 🙂

    Thank you for your excellent plugins and for providing support these past 6 years. The plugins were meticulously well-documented that I never had to pop-in your forums at all. And that’s coming from one who is not a coder or programmer 🙂 Thanks again.

    Best wishes on your new adventures. May good fortune shine on all your endeavors.

  8. Thanks mercime for the very kind compliments, glad you like the way I documented the plugins, got criticized a few times because of it. Thanks once again for the support =D

  9. Hi Lester,
    Nice to hear you’ve found a fulltime job 🙂 If you’ll be as dedicated there, as with us and your plugin collection, you’ll do just fine!

    Again, thanks for all your efforts, and good luck in the next exciting part of your life 😉


  10. Yes, I hear you.
    I’m from Mexico and we have also restrictions for online commerce. Only Paypal is really available. I’m researching how to get a proper merchant account but it seems more complicated that I thought.

    I was lucky enough to work with a marketer from home, but I’m also starting to do my own stuff, like creating wp themes for marketplaces or taking design/programming gigs through the internet.

    Who knows, we have to keep our eyes open. Internet should be the place for our countries to have more opportunities to grow economically.

    The best for you Lester. You’re an inspiration

  11. Lester,

    There are three types of people that “wander” into the rooms of WordPress: those that take and take, those that sit on fence and occasionally give back and those that give back passionately and without expecting anything in return (other than the odd donation and thanks). You my dear Lester definitely fall into the 3rd group. WordPress is what it is today because of stalwarts such as yourself.

    Your contribution to the WordPress community is deeply appreciated by many and I thank you for the quality and legacy you leave behind. May you travel well on the journey of life.

    Trupela Tok

  12. best of the luck…
    as it has been said your creations have made this a lot easier. i am on debt.

  13. Good luck with your life and thanks very much for you efforts on developing WP plugins.

    (I hope you’ll continue to update them)

  14. Ditto to all the best wishes, kudos and thanks, Lester! You know the WP community always “has your back” and will support your endeavors, you’re one of the stars of open-source.

  15. Hi Lester,

    Congrats on finding the job. But you’ll find (as I did) that a fulltime job isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. 😛

    I run an SEO firm in Singapore and also take some small web devt projects from time to time. Could I get your contact? We sometimes have some PHP coding needs and definitely are in need of talented PHP coders for small projects from time to time (not now though – more of “in the future”). Maybe we’ll have the chance to work together at some point.

    Please drop me a mail (preferable – you should be able to see my email from this comment). Otherwise drop me a note on twitter @bluelambda

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Like others here, you helped change our lives with your passion for code and WordPress. I do hope you will not see this as an end, but a new beginning where you will find new energy and enthusiasm for WordPress and the blogging community.

    Good luck with the future and know that you are always a part of our lives. Thank you!

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