Show Your Love for the Top 100 WordPress Plugin Developers

ManageWP wrote an article entitled, Show Your Love for the Top 100 WordPress Plugin Developers. I am ranked 5th on the charts =D


We’ve spent rather a lot of time gathering and sorting data for the top 100 WordPress plugin developers, based upon total number of downloads. Unless you are brand new to WordPress, it is likely that you use at least one plugin created by the developers below.

All you need to do is pick out one (or more) of your favorite developers, and take a moment to thank them. We’ve collected all of the Twitter accounts we could find, but we are sure you can find other ways of getting in touch if your chosen developer doesn’t have an account listed.

Firing off a quick tweet to thank a developer for developing great free products will only take a moment, so why not do it?

Furthermore, if you’re on the hunt for plugins to check out, you will find a comprehensive list below of the most popular plugins available for WordPress. Just remember to thank the developer if you start using one!

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Developer

Thanks for the support guys =D

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12 thoughts on “Show Your Love for the Top 100 WordPress Plugin Developers”

  1. Congrats to you Lester Chan. I love your amazing WordPress Plugins – a beautiful hard work. I used almost your plugin for my own sites and very loved. Thanks a lot.

  2. I use most of the top 10 plugins. I think “wordpress by yoast” is better than “all in one seo pack”.

  3. Nice work – top 5 is a great acheivement. Anyone using WP regularly will recognize this list of plugins immediately. Looks like you’re moving up on no.4!

  4. Thank you sir for sharing this one free.. I already use it on my blog.. But I’m having problem with the new updates it doesn’t work well on my theme.

  5. 7M is awesome! Why not put a donation box on the downloading page? I saw many plugin developer did this.

    Hope you can tweak the default twenty eleven theme a bit. The site content deserves a better looking theme.:)

  6. Hi Lester. I also want to thank you for all your plugins, 18 of them I think. Is one of the greatest things to share with the people.

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