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Pre Wave 2

AWESOME!!! GaMerZ that’s cool. I’m gonna try this plugin on my blog now. I’m using the kubrick template as well and your plugin will be the first one I’ve installed since I switched to WordPress. I’m excited. Wish me luck lol.

» Posted By David On 25th May 2008 @ 07:39

Hey I was just checking out your page navigation plugin and was checking out the demo here on this blog and wanted to point out that when the boxes for the page numbers get bigger they stretch out and expand the whole page navigation bar which make it kinda look tacky when you get so many pages on your blog…….. to see what I’m talking about just click through your pages using the navigation bar at the bottom here and stop on page 12 or 13 and see how the “last” button box in the navigation bar kinda splits and moves downward below the bar.

» Posted By David On 22nd May 2008 @ 01:18

My Plugins And WordPress 2.5

Not work with my blog ,even i set one of the post as sticky ?
What can i do ? Please help me check the url.

» Posted By David On 14th April 2008 @ 11:18

WordPress 2.3 Released

Is the latest version of your polls system working under wordpress 2.3? I just updated the version and the polls hangs. Any idea?

» Posted By David On 27th September 2007 @ 20:55

WP-Sticky New Ideas

Hello —

How in the world do I use this plug in? Where do I tell WordPress to make it sticky? I’m using the Connections theme; will it work with that?

I’ve installed the plugin and activated it, but don’t see any changes on my “Write” or “Manage” posts screens.

Thanks for the plug-in, David

» Posted By David On 1st April 2007 @ 03:38

WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta

Hey Lester – just wanted to say thanks for all the great plugins – all very well thought out and very useful and functional. I’ve put a few to work on my site and am definitely a big fan. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work – it is very much appreciated.

As an aside, while browsing through I noticed that you’re Singaporean – my wife is from Singapore as well (and misses it desperately, particularly at this time of the year in Canada) and has now made a mental note to try the laksa at Depot Road the next time we go back – you better be right, she’s one tough laksa critic! 😉

» Posted By David On 29th December 2006 @ 13:40

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