D-Link DGS-1008D

On the night of the PC Show 2011, my brother called me and said the D-Link DGS-1008D (which I got back in IT Show 2009) switch in my room is spoilt and there is no power being supplied to it. Went back home, tested and verified that it is the case.

Went down the next day to PC Show 2011 again and got back the same switch, D-Link DGS-1008D switch, for S$85. I was expecting them to change the model number since it is totally a new design, but unfortunately it remains the same. This time I got 2 pieces instead of just 1 as I will be placing the additional switch in the living room to facilitate the switch to Fibre Internet.

Box Front View

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Belkin Home Series 4-Socket Surge Protector

My cable Internet contract is expiring and I will be switching over to Fibre Internet before 24th August 2011. As I do not have a Fibre Termination Point (TP) in my room, I can’t place the gateway in my room and hence I have to move it to the living room where the TP is located. In order to facilitate the move to Fibre Internet, I got the Belkin Home Series 4-Socket Surge Protector for S$25 from the PC Show 2011.

I am a strong believer of surge protection after my previous cable modem got fried. All my 24/7 switched-on devices like my modem, switches, router and NAS goes though Belkin Surge Protector. Since there are only 4 sockets (which is just nice for me) to fit 1x Switch, 1x Router, 1x Home Gateway and 1x NAS.

Box Front View

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Crumpler Bag – Dederang Heist

I passed my MacBook Pro 15″ to my brother and will be using my work MacBook Pro 15″ as my “official” laptop and hence I will need to bring it around from my work place back to home and vice versa and needed a bag to hold it.

I am using Fabrix Case‘s MacBook Pro sleeve previously but that sleeves requires one of my hand to hold on to it and since the MacBook Pro is so heavy, I can’t use the hand to hold other stuff while securing my MacBook Pro tight. So I decided to go for a proper working bag which can fit my MacBook Pro as well as some accessories.

Bag Front View

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SingTel’s Priority Pass Mobile Broadband Service

Interesting service by SingTel. These days almost everyone is using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry and all the phones are connected to data services. Not forgetting those 3G USB dongles are connected to the same data network as well. If you paid only for mobile broadband, you are also sharing the same bandwidth with those who paid for mobile plans that comes with data services. But with Priority Pass, mobile broadband users get higher priority (in terms of speed & bandwidth) than mobile plan data services users.

Also, we can expect commercial LTE services from SingTel by the end of the year.

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SingTel Prepaid Card Data Plan

I can’t seem to find the data rates for unlimited usage on the SingTel 3G $15 hi!Card. It just says it has S$18 value instead of just S$15. It also states “Pay Per Use Data at discounted rate (50% off): 0.27¢ per kb (charged in blocks of 5kb)” which means it is expensive if you are going towards data usage.

That is not really true. SingTel has a 1GB plan which cost S$7 for a period of 7 days for prepaid card users. I think that is more than enough. I hardly use more than 1GB per month on my iPhone 4. You can find most of the optional Value Added Services (VAS) for prepaid plans here.

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Microsoft Previews Windows 8

TAIPEI, Taiwan – June 2, 2011 – At 2011 Computex today, Microsoft Corp. showed hardware partners the next version of Windows, internally code-named “Windows 8”, to help the partners build devices that take advantage of the new user experience. As part of this technical preview, Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC Ecosystem at Microsoft, demonstrated how “Windows 8” is optimized for newer touch-centric hardware, including tablets, while still delivering the flexibility, connectivity and power that people have come to expect from Windows today.

The technical demonstration also highlighted the new operating system’s ability to work across both x86 and ARM-based architectures, with a variety of early prototypes shown running the new operating system. Microsoft and silicon chip makers AMD, Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corp., Qualcomm Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. initially announced plans in January to work together on the next version of Windows.

Windows 8 Start

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