Watched Robots at GV Jurong Point. It was a good show even though the story is very fast pace. Much more laughter is involve in this show as compared to The Incredibles. It is a must watch movie if you are in for a good laugh. One of my favourite part is when one of the robots sang, Britney Spears – Baby One More Time. And the other part is when they did the robot dance. The fusion of Jazz and Funk, Junk. That is comedy gold.

Watch out for 2 new cartoons debuting on the big screen soon. Madagascar and Ice Age 2.

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2 Movies In A Row

Went to watched Hitch at GV Marina on Sunday, the show started at 1.30pm. It is worth some good laugh after watching the show. The show ended at 3.45pm and LiXiang was asking me “are you thinking what I am thinking” and that trigger off watching another movie, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. We went to check the time and just nice the next time slot is at 3.55pm.

It is somehow fated on that day we are going to watch 2 movies due to the timing of the movie slots. The movie was not really that great. To me it is just an over hyped movie, nothing special about it besides the visual effects, e fantasy world and Jim Carrey acting.

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Its March 2005

Time flies, it is now March 2005 and in exactly 22 days marks my 21st birthday.

Quite an interesting show just that certain parts at the end was very lame especially when Saint Gabriel came down stepping on John Constantine, that really worth the laugh. The visual effect during the scene when the ‘god’ of hell walk through the glass door and the glass shattered and the pieces of shattered glass touches his body and brush off was fantastic.

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Deeply Touched

Went to Suntec City to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day. Saw Alvin and Jie Lin. Didn’t know Alvin sign on as a MP Specialist. Suntec was very crowded. Practically there was long queues at almost every eatery outlet. End up we settled down at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Restaurant. Didn’t buy flowers for her because she say flowers is so expensive which is true, I treated her dinner and it cost less than a bouquet of flowers.

She wrote “This is an entry of a couple. Little little events of each day builds up to what they are now. For the months they spend together, there are laughters and tears, thins and thicks. This diary witness all … …”

She gave me a diary and I bought a Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Cake from Swensen.
Valentine's Day 2005

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Shall We Dance

Been a long time since I last blogged, thus I have no idea about the date/time stamps, so I just type out the title.

Shall We Dance
Watched it yesterday, it was quite a good show and touching at certain parts, not really a romantic show, but worth a watch with your partner.

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Dad’s Nokia 6230

Still can’t pass my chin-up, thus everyday from 2pm to 4pm will have RT at the Gombak Recreation Center’s Gym. Quite good if you ask me, is like a 2 hours break from work just to work out. But it kinda sucks when it falls on your Mounting Day because it will eat up your break. And the worst thing is that Saturday need to come back for RT from 8am to 10am, because our OC is too garang, and he needs a life and time away from army. I still can’t understand why do people like army so much.

Today, LiXiang went out with her secondary school friends. I went out with my parents to shop around Suntec Area. My dad got a Nokia 6230 and I keep nagging at him to take good care of the phone because next time I might use it. Dinner was at Akashi Japanese Restaurant. Went to Nike Bird after that. The supervisor there recognise us and she did have a chat with my mom. My dad bought a Nike shirt for $59, I got myself a shoe bag and a pouch for $19.95 each. Sorry dear, I need the shoe bag to put my shoes because will have RT often and the cold storage/carrefour plastic bag is not lasting, we will get one more when we go Thailand =D

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The Phantom of Opera

Caught a 9.20pm slot of Phantom Of The Opera slot at GV Marina on Friday. It is a musical movie and it is my first time watching this type of movie. Maybe that is the reason why they sing instead of using dialogue which makes it harder for me to grasp what are they talking about.

Had remedial training also on Saturday because I did not take the ippt due to a flu. But even if i take, I sure fail my chin-up station, still can do only 3. And my left knee is still injured after the fall in Provost, which is around 2 months ago. I think I better go see a doctor soon, then at least I can excuse ippt for the time being.

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Its 2005

It is year 2005, had a very memorable countdown at Mindef Main Gate, I will never forget this countdown. LiXiang suppose to wake up at 9am for a haircut appointment at Harbour Front at 12pm. I call her at 9am to wake her up but after answering my call, she went back to sleep at 11.30am. LOL Went to fetch her for her hair cut, then she came my house to help me pack my stuff, threw away alot of CDs because the software is outdated, my wardrobe is so nice/neat for the first time, only 2 colors hanger is used, clothes are arranged gradiently according to their colors. I feel so fortunate. LOL. Thanks sweetie.

My mom taught her how to bake Blue Berry Cheesecake, it taste the same, no difference from what my mom make.

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