Booked out at 9.30am, it was early because I think there is a Parents Visiting session going on during lunch and they don’t want to jam the ferry terminal.

Had the famous minced pork noodle for lunch with my parents before meeting LiXiang for lunch at Ngee Ann City’s Mos Burger. Met up with Jackey and Laily for Brotherhood movie at Plaza Singapore. The show is around 140 minutes long. It is quite a good show, very touching. The show was released quite sometime ago and the cinema is still full house.

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I, Robot

Reached Singapore at 11.30am. I am not fated to eat the Depot Road Laksa. There was one more branch at West Coast Block 501, went there with my parents and it didn’t open, even though it stated that it will be close on Friday only. End up eating roast meat/duck there. Not too bad.

Met up with LiXiang and Jackey to watched I, Robot at GV Marina. The movie is quite cool and I kinda like those futuristic movies, quite worth the $8.50 compared to King Author. The story is set in 2035 AD. The Audi car is way cool.

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End Of PTP

Wanted to eat Depot Road’s Claypot Laksa, but couldn’t find it. They have another branch at West Coast, also could not find it. The new MacDonald’s outlet at West Coast is cool, very nice ambiance.

Met up with Jackey, LiXiang and Laily to do some shopping around Orchard. Got myself a 256MB RS-MMC card from Heeren’s PK Computer and an Adidas Polo Shirt. I kinda like Adidas stuff now over fourskin because fourskin the t-shirt quality is dropping.

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Happy Birthday Mom

Book out an hour early because all the instructors have a specialists parade, thus instead of 12pm fastcraft, we took the 10.45am fastcraft.

Wanted to have Depot Road’s Laksa for lunch, but it seems that the whole stall has disappeared from the coffeeshop, I think they are going to tear down the whole building. End up having lunch at Great World City’s Food Junction.

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2nd Book Out

Wednesday, 30th June 2004
As usual, army management is always so fucked up. At 8pm then I know I am suppose to take 9pm fastcraft and that is the time I took my off pass. I can book out on Wednesday because I need to attend the World Skills Singapore 2004 on Thursday to Friday. It took me great time and effort just to get this 3 days off and also got scolded by my PC. But I think it is very worth it. In army, every time there is a chance to book out, how much effort and trouble wasted is always worthed it.

Thursday, 1st July 2004
Woke up at 7am, reached ITE Balestier at 8am. The competition starts at 9.30am. It was quite a grand affair. They advertise in the Straits Time and 8 Days. On the first day, minister of manpower came, on the 2nd day onwards, it is opened to the public. I got a shock when they say we got 1 hour to read the question paper and to test the computer.

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First Book Out

I got posted into Pegasus Company. Exact location is Platoon 3, Section 1, Bed 7. 2 weeks (actually is 2 weeks plus) flew and it was my first book out yesterday. As usual, my platoon was always the last for everything. Parents visiting day also the last to see or parents, booking out also last to book out in the company and end up sharing the fast craft with Taurus company. Reach mainland, Singapore at around 1pm. My parents came to fetch me and on the way send Calvin home also.

The wise thing to do after booking out is go straight home because in army uniform, there are ALOT of restrictions. Went home took a bath, changed and went to Kenny Rogers for lunch. I ate like there was no tomorrow, my whole plate was full of ribs and chicken bones. In Tekong, for every meal I only finished half of it because the food there is that lousy. I think the worst food in Singapore is still better than Tekong food.

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Tekong Here I Come

Will be packing my things into the bag any moment now. Got to wake at 6.30am, making a move at 7am for breakfast. Got to reach Pasir Ris by 9am for the bus to fetch us to the SAF Ferry Terminal. Will reach Pulau Tekong by 10am.

I am going to miss my colored and long hair =(

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Had Depot Road’s Claypot Laksa for lunch with my mom yesterday. Met up with LiXiang, Laily, Jackey and Suqin at Bukit Panjang Plaza to buy the food for our streamboat. Serene and Geargina join us at Laily’s house later for the steamboat. Had a wonderful steamboat plus a slide show on their backpack trip to Malaysia. Took photos with each of them, shall have a before and after version. Stayed till 12mn and had quite a chat. Thanks to my mom who came to fetch me home =D

Today had the famous minced pork noodle at Bestway Building for lunch with my mom. Must make sure all my 3 meals are good, because I heard army food suck.

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The Best Bet

Met up with my secondary school friends yesterday, it was like a last gathering before NS. Around 10 of us guys managed to meet up, then 6 girls suppose to come, but end up “putting aeroplane”.

Went to Orchard for lunch, it was very crowded because I think Jolin Tsai was in Orchard at around the same time at Faber House (opposite Heeren). Lunch was quite a problem, because almost all the food outlets are filled. Managed to find a seat at Cineleisure’s Yoshinoya.

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Lunch At Breeks

Forgotten that my house electricity supply will be cut from 8.30am to 5pm, thus while sleeping half way I suddenly felt that my air con was off and that makes me realise that my house electricity supply will be cut today. Nevertheless, I still slept till 12pm. I cannot imagine life without electricity, there is practically nothing you can do beside lying on your bed or reading some stuff. No computer, no fan, no lights, no fridge, no TV, etc.

Met up with Jackey and co for lunch at Breeks. First time I arrived the latest. LOL. Actually we suppose to have lunch at Ponderosa, but I didn’t know that Ponderosa at Raffles City has been closed down and turned into a clothes boutique. First Marina branch is gone and now Raffles City. After searching the Internet, the only branch left is Tampines Mall.

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