Happy New Year 2005

Since I am burning all my movies, and while waiting for that to happen, shall update this blog.

29th December 2004
Had dinner at Akashi Japanese Restaurant, which is my mom’s favourite Japanese restaurant because the sushi there is very nice and fresh, especially the Unagi Sushi($4 for 1 piece) and the Reverse California Maki ($12 for 8 pieces).

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Merry Christmas 2004

Guess it is abit too late for Christmas, but nevertheless, Merry Christmas 2004 everyone. 6 more days to 2005 and 14 more days to take down my ‘p’ plate.

Christmas Eve
Booked out at 12pm that day, luckily my section is dismounting on that day, if not I have to stay back till 2pm, but the bad news is that I am mounting on New Year’s Eve and the first day of Chinese New Year. Sighz, can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve with LiXiang =(

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Military Policeman

Yes finally I updated my blogs after don’t know how many donkey weeks. Been either too busy or too lazy to update it.

27th November 2004 (Saturday)
Had SAFPU family day at Jurong Swimming Complex in the morning. It is a total waste of my time, since it is organise by army, how much freedom can you get.

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The Incredibles

Booked out at 12.30pm. Left my house at 3.30pm to fetch LiXiang for movie. Wanted to watch The Incredibles at 9pm+ but apparently, GV Plaza, Cathay Cineleisure and GV Marina tickets have been sold out for the 9pm+ slot. End up we book the 12.25am slot at GV Marina.

Went to Orchard to shop around and to see the Christmas decorations. Had dinner at Pasta Cafe opposite Ngee Ann City Mos Burger to celebrate our 1 month (on 24th November 2004 will mark it). The food there was good, price on par with Pasta Mania. The queue was like never ending.

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Orchard Hotel

13th November 2004 (Saturday)
Went to get my hair trim at Everton Park, cost me $12, damn expensive considering it is trimming and not cutting. If there is a next time I think I shall cut it at Kranji Camp and it only cost $4.

Reece Cosy Bay at Kallang area, at first I thought it is an area but now I know it is the name of a restaurant. Tried out the food there, it is so-so and it has very little variety, it has like 5 main course and less than 10 different types of finger food, that is all for the food. They have much more liquor variety. But the ambiance there is good, nevertheless I still prefer Esplanade.

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Happy Birthday Xiang!

Been real busy with life for the last 2 weeks, finally today I had time to update my blogs which had not been updated for the past 2 weeks. Today’s one going to be a VERY long post. Bare with it =D

6th November 2004 (Saturday)
Booked out at around 12.30pm. Went to fetch LiXiang to Marina Square, did some shopping at Suntec City. Bought a Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt, they are giving 15% discount if you are paying by UOB credit card.

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The Cellular

Went to pick up LiXiang, went to Marina Square for The Cellular. Luckily there was not much cars around the Suntec’s City circle, and I managed to negotiate the circle easily, nowadays negotiating circle is not in the driving test anymore. I swear I told the ticketing counter I want a 6.35pm show, but he gave me the slot at 4pm one, and I didn’t realise it till I went in at 6.35pm. I went to buy the tickets at 4.15pm, it is very unlikely that I will buy tickets for a 4pm show, sometimes need abit of common sense. This is the 2nd time that happened to me. Luckily the cinema was not crowded managed to get “free seatings” in the middle row.

The movie lasted around 90 minutes, the show was not bad, quite a unique plot and I think Nokia contributed alot of money to the movie for advertisement.

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Ladder 49

Slept till 1pm for the first time on a Saturday afternoon. Went to Funan after that to pre-order my Half-Life 2: CE ($129) while my brother pre-ordered the standard version ($69.90). Had a late lunch at Swensens, they have a new promotion menu and the mixed grill is nice.

Walked to Suntec City later to get my Samsung S500 phone serviced. During the week in camp, my fone’s display(internal and external) goes dead on me for 3 days. Have to wait 2 working days to get it repaired, kinda sucky because Nokia only takes 2 hours. Going to get a Nokia 3120 if that phones dies on my again.

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Driving After 4 Months

Went to trim my hair at Everton Park, finally can have at least some shape. Drove my mom’s new car back home after MIA for 4 months.

Met up with Johnson, Jackey and LiXiang for dinner to commemorate Johnson’s first book out. Suppose to have more people, but end up got put aeroplane. Anyway he was out on Thursday because of Fever and the sick bay is overloaded, thus he can come back to Singapore. Had dinner at NYDC, first time there is Mushroom Monster available, ordered 2 portions of it. Saw Ray outside Mac Donald’s, so happened he is also in Pegasus Platoon 3 and that makes him my cousin platoon mate, really a small world.

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Life In Provost

Woke up at 6am and reached Pasir Ris Park at 7.20am for a 5km Life Run organised by Provost Unit. It was a cooling weather to run, cloudy day. If not for us School Of Provost (SOP) trainees which has a strength of 78 people, I think you will see very little people participating for the run. Run ended at around 9am. I can say I put in effort to run the 5km, jogged continuously for the 5km and sprinted when coming to the end point. And after the run due to some fucknuts who put in no effort, we got scolded by our CO and I think Monday we are going to get it.

Had breakfast with my mom at Maxwell market, saw David Gan, the famous hairdresser, he is short. lol

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