28 Days Later

Went to school to celebrate Suqin birthday, bought a chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo at Tiong Bahru Plaza. The price of the cake is quite reasonable and it tastes quite good.

We cut the cake at SP’s foodcourt 6, but we sang the birthday song very soft, maybe scared embarrassed. We are shy people. LOL

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Parents’ 21st Wedding Anniversary

Met up with my FYP lecturer today. Our plan is to complete everything by end of next week, then for the next next whole week we will be doing documentations, powerpoint slides and rehearsal. Time is so short, don’t even know whether there is enough time to finish FYP.

Went for driving today. Learn how to drive up and down a slope. I must say I did very poorly in this area. Also went out to drive on the main road today. Was abit nervous as there are so many cars on the road, but overall still not as bad compared to the slopes. Well… my next lesson is on Saturday, think will be doing the same thing again. Guess I really need practice on the slope area.

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Women Integration Network (WIN)

Finally did something useful for my GAME assignment. Able to draw the wall, the seed and able to position the camera nicely. Many thanks to all my friends who helped me in that =D.

Had lunch today with Serene and co. At least today I join in the “Suanning Campaign” today because I missed it out yesterday. I think Laily had to bear with us till we get sick of suanning but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. LOL. Poor Laily.

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3rd Driving Lesson

Went for my 3rd driving lesson today. It rained again. Well, guess that the rainy season is approaching especially when it comes to November. Well, today’s lesson kinda fun, I am not as nervous as last time when it comes to changing gear. Today did more advanced stuff on top of driving around the circuit. I think as time goes by I should be able to get the hang of it. Aiming to take the Traffic Police test at the end of December.

Java is really driving me crazy. Took me 1 hour trying to figure out how to use the Date Object with FormatDate Object just to achieve a drop-down menu style date. Completed my Item’s Category management and my adding of Items. The next step is editing and deleting the items. So far the progress is good and on the other hand, my FYP and GAME progress is bad.

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Sunday’s Shopping

Had breakfast at The Nudle Bar at Hereen yesterday. Went to buy another fourskin shirt. It is an old design, thus it has a 20% discount. I did ask alot of times for different designs, but all of them my size is out of stock. So end up buying one only. My brother wanted to buy also, but alot of them the sizes are out of stock.

Bought 100 pieces Imation brand CDRs from PK Computer. The funny thing about PK Computer is that they don’t sell SmartBuy normal CDRs, so no choice had to try out other brands.

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Serene’s Birthday

Had laksa at Depot Road for my breakfast before going to school to attend ELIT lecture. I think today ELIT lecturer is the most interesting one. The lecturer talk about RIAA, piracy, canning, gang members. I think he is one of the most interesting part-time lecturer in the whole of SP even better than some full-time lecturer. Without failed, his jokes will make the whole lecture hall laugh even though it is a lame one.

Went to celebrate Serene’s birthday after the lecturer. First stop is lunch at Ponderosa in Marina Square. Had black pepper steak. I just love their steaks there. I think I prefer Ponderosa than Jack’s Place. Ate 3 pieces of chicken from my friends as they cannot finish it and I am so bloated. Spent around 3 hours there chatting and playing games.

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Mom’s Company Dinner

Stayed back in school after my JSPG practical lesson to help Serene with her fyp regarding php. Don’t know why the more the code/logic cannot work, the more I want to solve it. Been a long time since I touched php with ereg/eregi. But nevertheless, I managed to solve it after hours of debugging and thinking. Feel a sense of satisfaction.

Went to Orchard with Jacky after that to buy my fourskin shirt and on the way buy birthday present. Bought 2 new fourskin t-shirts.

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The Italian Job

Had breakfast at Ikea. The special meal for the day is vegetarian bee hoon. Not that bad and it is cheap, $1.50 only.

Had my 2nd driving practical lesson. Mine is a fixed group. There are 2 instructors, Mr Tang and Mr Lee. My first lesson was Mr Lee, today was Mr Tang. It was raining very heavy today, but not that bad, still can drive per normal. Almost forget all the things that I learned from the first lesson. After a few rounds of warm up, things start coming back to me. It was fun nevertheless. My next lesson will be on Monday and is Mr Lee.

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ITP Briefing

Had my usual lessons on a normal Wednesday. Went for 2 briefings about ITP(Industrial Attachment). One for overseas attachment, one for local attachment.

For the overseas attachment, we were brief on 2 universities, University Of Melbourne(Australia) and Middlesex University(UK). Well, for overseas attachment it is going to be very expensive. For Middlesex University, the school fees for a year cost 8000 pounds, which is around 24K Sin dollars, the good thing about it is that we only need 1 year to get our degree, whereas for the University Of Melbourne, even though it is cheaper, it will take us 2 years to get a degree.

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Hollywood Homicide

Didn’t go for school yesterday as I went to help out my mom at the Expo. Thought last day the food expo will not be that crowded, but it is almost the same as Sunday. And surprising the sales of the last day beat all the previous days. Woot. Luckily my brother and I went down to help, else I think really short of man-power in the afternoon.

Had my usual GAME practical lesson today, started work on my pacman maze. Hope it will not be that difficult. I really very afraid of GAME assignment. It is quite tough compared to JSPG. Total left 3 assignments, GAME, JSPG and FYP. Wonder can I finish all these assignments on time. Sighz.

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