Lian had her MMAD Task 2 Presentation today, everything was as smooth as silk. LOL Pass up my MMAD Task 3,4 and 5 assignments although there is some stuff missing, but heck, lazy to redo just because of the few marks.

Went to the newly renovated foodcourt 3 in SP, ate the Nasi Padang there. Taste quite good, the atmosphere there is good. It is a Zen style foodcourt.

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Plaza Singapure’s Mos Burger

School ended at 12pm today. Last minute recruitment of another FYP member, thus making the group size 7.

Went to Plaza Singapure for a walk, ate Mos Burger there for lunch plus dinner, the rice burger there taste abit weird. The vegetables in the burger is not fresh, the rice in the rice burger is so hard. The fries, butterfly prawns and the Ice Milk Tea taste fine.

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Regarding FYP

Finalize my FYP group members already, total there are 6 members. We are doing Web Programming/Publishing as the project.

In the past days there are some miscommunication between me Charlene, Stacey and Jean. Till now I think that has not been resolved yet.

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Lottery Day

Woke up at 12.30pm by my mom. Ask me to go out for lunch at The Nudle Bar at Hereen as my grandmother had won lottery. Ate the Stir-Fried Salmon with Szechuan. Not bad, but prefer my Black Pepper Beef Ramen. Hehe

Went to the foruskin store and bought a fourskin t-shirt entitled Tokyo Life. Hereen Level 4 is undergoing some renovations, PK Computers is now gone but will be back after the renovations. =D

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The Hot Chick

Went to school for IGRA practical makeup today. Lecturer was quite early today but only about 12 people turn up out of about 30 people. Today IGRA practical was quite challenging, well sense of satisfaction is there when your program can display the image. Hehe =D

Lian also went to school today at about 12.30pm to print her DEAE assignment which is due on this coming Monday.

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Final Year Project Group

Received the Final Year Project(FYP) Group form today, during my MMAD lecture. Was quite surprise because it is too sudden, we haven’t even graduate from year 2, we need to decide for year 3 FYP already. Deadline to form your FYP group will be on 14th March 2003 and we need to hand in the project proposal by 21st March 2003. Super Stress, year 2 assignment plus year 3 FYP.

Shown my storyboard and node map to my MMAD lecturers, need more details in both of them. Need to add in more. Arrggg

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MMAD Task 5 – Storyboard

Had my VBAS practical today, it is one of the most challenging practical ever, took me about 1 hour to solve 1 of the question, but the remaining questions is easy.

Did the same thing yesterday, after school went to Funan’s Mac Donalds for a light meal, ate the Nasi Lemak again. LOL. I don’t really like Mac Donalds’s Burger.

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Mac’s Nasi Lemak

Had PCT make-up practical today, did partition on HDD with Partition Magic 7.0, Installing Win9x, WinNT, Win2K and did multiple OS boot. It was easy, because I did it countless time already. LOL =D

After school, on our way home, Lian said she is hungry, so we went to Funan’s Mac Donalds for a light meal. Had the new Nasi Lemak from Mac. Cost me $3.50, not that bad, at least better than the spaghetti.

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