BTT Test

Went to Takashimaya foodcourt for the first time since it renovated. Last time went there once, the food is expensive and never went there to eat again till today. To my surprise the food prices was quite reasonable, I would not call it cheap but reasonable is a better word.

It was raining so heavy in the afternoon. As it is still early, went home to rest a while before my mom fetch me to take my BTT test.

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No Classes Today

Went to school for TBCM classes, but upon reach the classroom, there is a note on the door saying that the lecturer is on MC. Come to school only for TBCM and now no classes, if not today I do not need to come to school if he informed us earlier. But since in school already, did my MMPJ presentation and VB assignment with Lian.

On our way to Marina Square, saw Hui Juan and Elaine at City Link’s HMV looking at CDs. LOL. They got PCT practical test at 1pm.

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Thanks Guys & Gals

Went to Bugis Junction after school to get Lian’s Kipling bag zip replaced. Had tea break at Delifrance, they having a promotion, Tuna Baguette with Soup for only $3.50. That is the cheapest meal I had in Delifrance so far, if not their food is so expensive.

Came home took a short nap before doing my VB assignment and my TBCM letter of application. School from 9am to 11am tomorrow. Woot.

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19th Today

From today onwards, I am 19th years old. A year older hope will be wiser. LOL. This site is also a year old from today onwards, this site was created for my WEBP assignment, here is the post which is exactly a year old. Time really flies. I really treasures the good old times.

I have uploaded the pictures of my 19th birthday dinner with my family which took place on Saturday 22nd March 2003, after having some problems connecting using CuteFTP.

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Sunday In Bugis Junction

Slept till quite late, 1.30pm. Went for lunch at Bugis Junction foodcourt. Went Bugis Junction because my brother Kipling bag the zip broke off, went the Kipling store to change a new zip. I went to the Sony Gallery there to buy my PDA carrying case, cost me $49, ouch. Brother also bought a Billabong drum bag, cost him $45.

Walked round till around 5pm before going home. Came home did some parts of my VB assignment, and configure my PDA to connect to WAP, after a few attempts it works now, but now I just need to know what WAP browser to download.

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19th Birthday Dinner

Went to school for IGRA and PCT lessons in the morning. PCT lesson is important because the lecturer will tell us which chapters to tear up to submit it for grading. After the tearing section, the whole lecture hall’s floor is fill with small bits of paper, is like snowing. I really pity the person who is going to clean it up. LOL

Had lunch at Hereen’s The Nudle Bar, ate the Chicken Tom Yam soup, I must say the chicken like no need money, they add in so much chicken until I got sick of it and didn’t finish it. Went to take NeoCard later, it was abit dark as Lian an I wore dark colored clothes. LOL

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Collected My Sony Clie

Did my MMAS Assignment Task 6 during my MMAS practical session today, did not really what the lecturer teach during that time. LOL. It is very tedious, can take up to 4 or 5 hours just to do a screen. After doing a screen, yours eyes will be tired. @_@ My Task 6 not even 1/2 done after spending hours and hours doing it.

Went to Funan after school to collect my Sony Clie PEG-T665C. Was quite excited about it because I have never own a PDA till now. Went to Burger King for a light meal after that before proceeding home.

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Kangaroo Jack

Came earlier to school to discuss my FYP, the proposal is almost done. School end at 1pm for Lian and I today.

Went to Funan foodcourt for lunch. After lunch went to collect my Sony Clie from the shop I bought from, but to my disappointment, the stock has not arrived yet as the shipment is delayed. They expect it to arrive on Friday, 2 more days. Sighz.

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Jobs & Resume

TBCM lecturer finally came today, this term will be focusing more on job interviews. Need to prepare resume and find jobs on the internet or newspaper, found 3 that I am interested. While searching I found that there is quite a need of Java programmers than C, C++, ASP programmers. Weird. I saw 1 job advertisement, requires Degree in IT/ Science/ Mathematics and Engineering. Need to know Visual Basic, C#, Java, Delphi and RDBMS. Must be familiar with Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, Unix and Windows platform. The pay range is $7000 to $9000. I got a shock.

Completed my MMPJ assignment, which is 3 days earlier than the deadline. Shall be modifying that for my FYP proposal after a meeting with my FYP group tomorrow.

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