Taxi Driver Rants

Actually wanted to rant about this issue long time ago. Most taxi drivers are the worst kind of drivers you can find on the road after witnessing many of this type of incidents today.

They think that all the road belongs to them. They can stop anyway at anytime just to pick-up/alight the passengers. This cause much trouble to the cars behind them as they need to overtake them. Even worst if they stop suddenly, the car behind them need to jam the brake suddenly. And this type may lead to a minor accident.

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BTT Evaluation Passed

Woke up at 12.30pm today, first time I woke up so late since the reopening of school. Went to West Mall and had Swensens for lunch. Tried something different at Swensens today, had Black Pepper Seafood Pasta and a cup of Cookies & Cream Milk Shake. Both tastes good.

Went to Bukit Batok Driving Center(BDCC) later to take my BTT evaluation, took it 2 times, first time I scored 70(failed) and the second time I scored 72(just passed). Was quite happy of course. Wanted to book the BTT test but the date is on Friday, 21st March 2003 and time is 6.30pm. I got school till 5.30pm on that day, so it will be very rush and I need to be there at 5pm to attend the revision lesson. Will be finding a Wednesday slot if possible as BTT is either on Wednesday or Friday.

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Maid In Manhattan

Last night my good friend Shaun called me from his bunk to talk about our birthday celebrations with our Secondary school mates as his birthday is 1 day after mine and normally we celebrate it together. Asked him about how is army life now, he say is quite good, quite slack and now there is counseling and welfare. Good life in the army now compared with last time. I will be entering army in 2004. All Singaporeans guys have to go through that to be a real man according to some people. LOL

Today went to school to accompany Lian. She need to let her design teacher see some coke design. As usual she is late again. LOL. Left school at around 11.30am.

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Brother’s Spectacles

Didn’t went out today except for dinner. Mom bought back lunch for me. Spent the afternoon studying my MMAS and playing a few rounds of Warcraft III before taking a nap till in the evening.

Went to Queensway Shopping Center to make my brother spectacles before having our dinner at Alexandra Food Center. Had BBQ Sting Ray, Fried Kang Kong and Fried Onion With Egg. Ordered the Indian Mutton Soup(Kambeng Soup) from one of the Indian stall. It taste good, long time didn’t taste such a good Kambeng soup.

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DMMT/FT/2B/03 Class BBQ

Lian came my house at 11am. Went to Great World City’s foodcourt for lunch. Lian ate the Laksa and I ate the Fried Beef With Spring Onion And Ginger With Rice. Not to early this time. Last time I ate was quite oily.

Came back home about 2pm, played some Unreal Tournament 2003 while waiting for my mom to fetch us to the BBQ at Tanah Merah. Mom came at 4pm and we proceed to my friend’s condominium at Tanah Merah for the BBQ.

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BTT Evaluation Failed

Ate Lor Mee in the morning before playing a few games of Warcraft III with Lian. My damm cabled keep dcing every 30 minutes. Suck man, every since that damm Star*** taken over it, it become worst. Grr.

Went for BTT evaluation after that, took it 3 times and I failed all 3 unfortunately. Not say I fail terribly or what, the passing is 72/80, and average got about 70 for it. So wasted. Nevermind, shall study harder as I know what the evaluation is like, will be going to take on Sunday again. =D

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About Schmidt

Forgot that there is IGRA revision lecture till last night my classmate told me in IRC. Thus, I went for IGRA lecture at 11am. The lecturer say that those who came may get extra marks, don’t know how true is it. Anyway less than 1/4 of the class came anyway.

After class, my mom drove me to meet Lian at Diamaru at Liang Court, later we proceed to Marina Square for lunch at Kenny Rogers. As both of us feel like watching movie, we went Plaza Singapura to watch About Schmidt. Well the show lasted over 2 hours and it is rated NC-16 because of just one lame part. Overall the show is quite heart warming, but to me it is quite boring.

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Koichi Domoto 2003-2004 Calendar Delivered

Woke up at 9am by the doorbell. It is the postman that came to deliver Lian’s Koichi Domoto 2003-2004 Calendar. Well I kinda like online shopping, it delivers up to your doorsteps. It ships quite fast also. The calendar was release on 28th February 2003 and 3rd March I got it already. I was expecting like a week for it to be shipped. is the online site I bought from, very good service. =D

Went for breakfast at my house’s coffeeshop. Been months since I stepped in there. Today is Monday, and my favorite Wan Ton Mee should be closed, but to my surprise it is open, wonder why. So I ate that. =D

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Spectacles Sunday

Woke up at 11.30pm today. Went to Suntec for lunch as well as to buy chicken wings for my class BBQ on Thursday. Total chicken wing count = 48, total chicken breast count = 42.

Actually, we went to Suntec is by mistake because my brother wanted to make spectacles and because my brother birthday is coming, Singnet sent him a $50 optical voucher. My mom thought the optical shop is in Suntec, but actually it is in Ngee Ang City. LOL.

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Marche System

Had the famous Mince Pork Noodle at Bestway building today, been months since I ate at there. After fetching my uncle from my mom’s office to the airport, she fetched me to Eunos MRT Station. Took Bus 51 and met Lian at her house bus stop.

Ate Mos Burger at Marina Square for lunch. Wonder why Marina’s Mos Burger is always not crowded and their service is always so slow. Walked round Suntec, Marina and City Link area. Bought 2 120 CDs pouch holder from City Link’s HMV for $25 each. Felt I got cheated because Carrefour is selling the same thing for only $18. 2x(25 – 18) = $14 cheated. =_=

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