SingTel’s Priority Pass Mobile Broadband Service

Interesting service by SingTel. These days almost everyone is using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry and all the phones are connected to data services. Not forgetting those 3G USB dongles are connected to the same data network as well. If you paid only for mobile broadband, you are also sharing the same bandwidth with those who paid for mobile plans that comes with data services. But with Priority Pass, mobile broadband users get higher priority (in terms of speed & bandwidth) than mobile plan data services users.

Also, we can expect commercial LTE services from SingTel by the end of the year.

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SingTel Prepaid Card Data Plan

I can’t seem to find the data rates for unlimited usage on the SingTel 3G $15 hi!Card. It just says it has S$18 value instead of just S$15. It also states “Pay Per Use Data at discounted rate (50% off): 0.27¢ per kb (charged in blocks of 5kb)” which means it is expensive if you are going towards data usage.

That is not really true. SingTel has a 1GB plan which cost S$7 for a period of 7 days for prepaid card users. I think that is more than enough. I hardly use more than 1GB per month on my iPhone 4. You can find most of the optional Value Added Services (VAS) for prepaid plans here.

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SingTel Tag Lite

SingTel does not have “Tag Lite” mentioned anywhere on their webpages. The only way to know more about it is to go to any SingTel Hello Stores. I first got to know it when I was surfing Hardware Zone Forums and specifically in the “MultiSIM with SingTel to use on iPad” thread.

Tag Lite Supplementary Plan allows users to share bundled data between supplementary line and main line.

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SingTel Bridge Data Roaming – Part 2

In my previous blog post on SingTel Bridge Data Roaming – Part 1 which is dated 3 months ago, since then SingTel has upgraded their SMS system for activating the Bridge Data Roaming. In the previous system, you can’t activate Bridge DataRoam Unlimited via SMS which is cheaper than Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus plan if you are only data roaming in 1 country.

Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus

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Singapore Mobile Operators Launch Donation Drive via SMS To Aid Japan Disaster Victims

Just sharing a good cause by our local telecos. All administration fees will be waived by them as well.

Singapore, 28 March 2011 – The three mobile network operators in Singapore – M1, SingTel and StarHub, and Ericsson’s global mobile commerce enabler IPX are pleased to announce that post-paid mobile customers in Singapore will be able to make a $5, $10 or $20 donation to aid victims of the Japan disaster by sending an SMS to the common short-code 78888. Donations will go towards the Singapore Red Cross Society’s relief efforts in Japan. This mobile donation campaign will continue for one month, starting from 6am on 28 March 2011 till midnight on 25 April 2011.

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Angry Birds Plush Toy & SingTel Droid Toy At IT Show 2011

If you fancy either an Angry Birds Plush Toy or a SingTel Droid Toy, just head down to SingTel Booth at IT Show 2011 and show them that you are a fan of SingTel by liking their Facebook page,, and then show your Facebook profile to the staff there and you will get a chance to catch one of these using the catcher aka UFO machine!

Angry Birds Plush Toy
Angry Birds Plush Toy

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SingTel Bridge Data Roaming

Li Xiang and I will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia tomorrow for the weekend to visit my secondary school friend Sugih and to meet Pei Jun there.

My iPhone 4 is as good as a paper weight when I go overseas because I can’t use data on it due to expensive data roaming. I always wanted to try SingTel’s Bridge DataRoam Unlimited but didn’t have chance to read up more about it. So for tomorrow’s trip, I decided to research a little.

SingTel Bridge Data Roaming Price Plans

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