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9 thoughts on “My Plugins And WordPress 2.5”

  1. May the path you show with wp-polls word with wp-email too? Or how you got wp-email get working on your blog?

  2. Great Job works great in WordPress 2.5. One thing I am missing in your Plugins are German Versions 🙂 Any Chance your Plugins will be Translatet. Until now I adjustet it myself but what would make it much easier if all the Text comes from one File. Replace the File and voila the Plugin is Translated. I bet you have nothing to do and will jump on this right away 🙂 Just kidding but if you need any help let me know. I do speak a couple of languages. Greetings from Switzerland and again thanks for all your Hardwork.

  3. Now how about that taking a second look at your site I realized that I have done the classic misstake not reading everything thoughrouly. Localization is allready implemented. Just have to use Poedit. Sry for filling your Comments.

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  5. Not work with my blog ,even i set one of the post as sticky ?
    What can i do ? Please help me check the url.

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