Lunch At Breeks

Forgotten that my house electricity supply will be cut from 8.30am to 5pm, thus while sleeping half way I suddenly felt that my air con was off and that makes me realise that my house electricity supply will be cut today. Nevertheless, I still slept till 12pm. I cannot imagine life without electricity, there is practically nothing you can do beside lying on your bed or reading some stuff. No computer, no fan, no lights, no fridge, no TV, etc.

Met up with Jackey and co for lunch at Breeks. First time I arrived the latest. LOL. Actually we suppose to have lunch at Ponderosa, but I didn’t know that Ponderosa at Raffles City has been closed down and turned into a clothes boutique. First Marina branch is gone and now Raffles City. After searching the Internet, the only branch left is Tampines Mall.

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End Of Singapore Food Expo

Today is Vesak Day and plus there are a few other ongoing exhibition going on like Metro Sale and Motherhood, thus the whole expo is very packed all the way from 11am to around 7pm. From 7pm to 10pm, the crowd was lesser because many people need to work the next day.

The Pretz was sold out at around 7.30pm and I lose a bet with LiLian and Jean. If the Pretz is sold out by today, I will treat them to Harry Potter, Else, they will treat me (programming language is shorter). So end up I have to treat them LOL.

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Busy At The Food Expo

Been busy for the past weekends and will be till Wednesday. On Saturday and Sunday was very crowded at the expo. Sales was good. Saw ZiWei on Sunday at the expo. Hard to look to notice your friends because there is simply too many people.

Met up with Victor, YongTang and CheeWee for supper, finally Victor had not been lazy and come and fetch me because I was too tired to drive. After the supper, I got home first because I was very tired and sleep. They went somewhere other they dropped me.

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Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turned 48 today. Happy Birthday Dad. Went to a chinese restraunt named Hua Ting located in Orchard Hotel for dinner. Got 4 glasses of red wine and a birthday cake free. The food there is quite good, price is reasonable and service not that bad too.

Serene and I bought a Fila pouch each yesterday for only $13+ because Fila is having 30% discount almost store wide. I just love the Great Singapore Sales.

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The Day After Tomorrow

Hi guys and girls, just came back from my chalet and watched The Day After Tomorrow. The Chalet pictures had been up within an hour after I came from the chalet which is around 1pm. It is under my Polytechnic Gallery. It will come in 2 favours, one is my camera and the other is from Fiona camera. Still waiting for Fiona to send me. As usual, this update will contain 3 days worth of text.

Ron, Lester Goh and XiuHui met up at my house, then my mom fetched us into Sentosa. The chalet name is called “Sentosa Holiday Chalet”, it is the exact same location as Charlene’s chalet which is held 1.5 years ago but ours is just smaller. It cost $88 for 3 days and 2 nights and is organised by XiuHui.

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ITE Balestier

Went to ITE Balestier for the WSC Briefing. It was a short and quick one. It stated at 9.30am and ended at 11am. They even provide breakfast for us. It was quite a spread, very thoughtful of them. Thumbs up.

Came home, wanted to took a nap, but end up with out with Phuse, Ownage, Zeus and Redworm for dinner at City Hall Cartel. Queued for 30 minutes and waited another 30 minutes for our food. Cartel is always that slow. We ordered 5 sets of St Louis Pork Ribs. When our food is on our way to our table, the waitress drop our 2 plates of ribs because she carried 3 plates at 1 go and the plate was not light. End up waited for another 15 minutes for the 2 plates of ribs. Total waiting time 1h 30mins.

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Shrek 2

Watched a friendly soccer match yesterday at 3am. France vs Brazil. It was quite a good match, both teams are equally good, thus the results is 0-0. I was hoping Brazil to win because I support them and Brazilian babes are pretty =D

And damn, Ronaldinho performed very well in the match, he was practically all over the place and I think he got the most possession of the ball followed by Zidane.

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Agent Cody Banks 2

Yesterday went to Sentosa’s Siloso Beach with XiuHui and co. The beach was quite empty but still got chio bus of course. Ron, WeiJian and I have come to a conclusion that most chio one are wearing pink.

Inflicted 2 cuts but no blood came out, wonder why. Had dinner at Pasta Mania, ate the Country Baked Pasta. First time I finished the whole portion without getting sick of it, maybe I am very hungry.

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