Got My 3rd Month Pay

Suppose to go to Queenstown Stadium for a jog with my secondary school friends, but there is a soccer match going on there, thus we went back to SP. The track there was very dark but it was rather cooling. I managed to jog for 2km without stopping, but the bad side is that my timing was around 15 minutes and I need to get less than 11 1/2 minutes for 2.4km in order to get silver for my IPPT.

After jogging we went to Clementi for dessert and realize that the whole of Clementi Central do not even have a single dessert store.

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Lunch Gathering In School

Yesterday, woken up by a call from CMPB. SP have informed them about the WSC and want me to defer. If I want to defer, I need to write in a personal letter. But now the problem is, I don’t want to defer because if i defer most probably I will go in PTP after August and I will ORD later also which is around 1st quarter of 2007 and thus most probably I will miss the University intake and have to wait for 1 more year.

I just want to take the 3 days off for the WSC and according to CMPB, that is more difficult than deferring. If I go in on 9th June, I will ORD around end of 2006 and just nice I can enter University in 2007. The government is really fucking around with our lives especially guys. My dad say he will go to see the MP and ask me don’t defer. If really worst come to worst, I will fore go the WSC.

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The Passion Of The Christ

Had a Bh Chou Mee lunch with my parents at Marina Square followed by some drinks at NYDC.

Met up with XiuYu and HuiJuan for Passion Of Christ at GV Marina. The show is slightly more than 2 hours. I find the movie just average. No offense but I find it quite dramatic also. The makeup unit has done an excellent job. Regarding gory, I find it ok only, I have seen more gory film like Battle Royal and Kill Bill.

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Good Friday

Been a real busy Good Friday and Saturday. Not enough sleep on Friday night and now I am going to sleep soon. While waiting for my hair to dry, shall post this blog.

On Good Friday, used my dad’s car for the whole day. Went to fetch Serene, Jackey and Laily to LiXiang house. Jackey and I dyed our hair at her house. It seems that we always use LiXiang’s house when we want to dye our hair. Thanks Xiang!

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Went to watch Hellboy at GV Grand by myself. Sounds like a date with myself. The show is around 2 hours(excluding those stupid GV advertisements). From my point of view, I find the show more interesting than Spiderman or Dare Devil, thus I would say is better than the two. Thumbs up.

Had dinner with Jackey and co at Crystal Jade at Ngee Ang City. The food was rather expensive but it was quite ok. Had dessert at Swensens at Crown Prince Hotel after that. As usual, that Swensen outlet is always crowded. Spend $30 just on food today. Ouch.

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Network Marketing

Today, met up with Patrick, my primary school mate. He said want to introduce don’t know what business to me. It is MLM, but since he is a friend of mine for more than 10 years, I give him face and went. I never like those MLM shit anyway.

Ate lunch at Lao Pa Sat, and surprising the food that is not that expensive, I think is cheaper than some food court. Went to his office place at the building opposite SGX Center. I think the company name is called NIT Paris or something. He said the company is not MLM but called network marketing. I find it is the same shit but different smell. I never believe in those crap anyway. Conclusion, I never join. If it is so easy to earn money, I don’t see why there are poor people among Singapore.

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Country Mana

Had dinner yesterday at Country Mana in Great World City. They are having their 11th anniversary promotion. Set dinner for $7.99 and another $1.99 for soup and another $1.99 for desert. The food was ok but not filling enough. Give me Ponderosa anytime.

Today had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant called Vietlang in CHIMES. Luckily the restaurant has no dress code. The ambiance was rather good, the price of the food was quite reasonable. The food was ok but it tastes more Thai to me.

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DAMM, My NS Letter Came

On Friday went to Phuse’s house to help in solve his computer problem. After staying there for 6 hours, we still can’t solve it because his motherboard is a goner.

We had dinner at Kopitiam beside West Mall, the Ban Mian there rocks. $4, very big portion, lots of ingredients and taste good!

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Dinner At Jurong Point

Met up with Jackey and Co at Jurong Point for dinner. Wanted to eat Fish & Co, but most of them are on budget constrain., thus we went to the foodcourt for our dinner. I ate the fried fish steamboat, the fried fish is nice but the soup is too milky. Geargina and Terry also ate from the same stall but we purposely ordered different dish. Apparently their soup taste better. =(

Please check your NS enlistment status here.

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My First April’s Fool Joke

Just watched finished Timeline. I kinda like the show, is nice at least for me. It is something like Butterfly Effect but less confusing. Thumbs up for the movie.

I also watched Love Actually again. As usual Singapore’s Censorship Board censor some parts of the movie. If you watched it in Singapore, you would miss a story about 2 porn stars who fell in love, the scene features nudity.

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