50 First Dates

Had our 9th weekly dinner at Novena Square. Actually we went there to see the Malaysia Tour Fair, and we do not know what to eat at there. Thought of going to other place for dinner when we saw Magic Wok at the top level. Thus, we settle for that. The food there is average and it is quite cheap, we ordered lots of dishes and each of us pay $9.50.

Had a chill out session at Spinelli till it closes. The girl who told us that there are closing have a serious attitude problem.

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Meeting With ICT’s Director

On Tuesday, met up with the backpacking crew (Jackey, Laily, LiXiang, Terry and SuQin) at Queensway Shopping center to collect their bags that they have ordered on Sunday. Had dinner at Alexandra Village and we ordered Fried Sambal KangKong, Beancurd and Sting Ray from the stall my family and I normally will patronize, not too sure of the name. We ordered another hot plate chicken from some stalls and it kinda suck. Hawker food is cheap, each of us pay paid $7.50 for a filling dinner. I wonder how long can this price last. Everything is going up in Singapore besides salary.

Today, went to school for a meeting with our SP’s ICT director, Mr Song. Was early, so went up to check on ZhiFan’s group National Library Board project. It is a virtual walk though of the new NLB building done in 3DS Max. It was fantastic. NLB damn smart, ask ITP students (cheap labour) to do such stuffs. 3 person doing this project, each paid $400 per month for a total of 4 months, it total up to $4800. I think this project will definitely cost more if it was to outsource to other companies. I think they should at least pay them $450 to $500.

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Weekend Recap

On Saturday, went out with Calvin and JingWei to Suntec. Tried the new Burger King burger. It was average. The new cheese nuggets was also average, still prefer the cheese sticks. Through out the whole session, we keep talking about NS stuff, now know more about it. It is better to be mentally prepared than go there blur as a sotong.

On Sunday went out for breakfast with my parents to Nooch at Paragon. They have quite alot of variety and the price is reasonable plus the portion is quite huge. The Nudle Bar at Heeren will become Billy Bombers soon.

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Clark Quay

Had my weekly dinner with my click at Clark Quay. We ate at Quayside Grilled Seafood, the food was not bad, price is reasonable, service was excellent when we first sat but as soon we are going to finished our dinner, the service dropped.

Had Gelato Ice Cream at Liang Court before proceeding to Singapore River Bank to chill out. Talked about Paranormal stuffs. There is one thing called ‘Time Lapse’, I am not too sure whether it is the right word to use. For example Geargina brought this up. A couple was at Clementi, the boyfriend went toilet and did not came back. The girl made a police report and 2 weeks later the boy came back saying that he was in the toilet for only 5 minutes.

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Some Rants

Starhub MaxOnline was down for more than 15 minutes yesterday. At first I thought it is my problem only, after smsing/calling some of my friends, they told me theirs also down. Slowly I realize that it is whole of Singapore. Tried calling their hotline but it was engaged, and I was told even if I managed to get through, I have to wait for 20 minutes or more to speak to their CSO. You called that good service? This afternoon, I woke up, realized that my cable got dced again at around 8am.

That is it, I am totally pissed off with Starhub, regretted signing the 2 years contract with them. Once the contract expire and there is a faster ADSL/DSL connection available, I will definitely switch ISP. Now I am looking at Qala or Magix. Can’t wait the day where we will have T1 or T3 line for residents.

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Kill Bill Vol 2

Kill Bill Vol 2 opens here in Singapore tomorrow, finally the rating is out, which is M18. I doubt they will censor anything because it is not as gory as Vol 1 beside the eye part. The movie length is about 2 hours. Overall, the entire Kill Bill was ok, but somehow Vol 1 got more fight scenes and I kinda prefer it.

The Telesync version which is around 2.0GB(3 CDs), the quality is not that bad but most importantly it is still watchable. Hope the DVD rip will be out before I go in for NS. The Punisher, Dawn Of The Dead and 50 First Dates are the movies I am going to get next.

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Ichi The Killer

Watched Ichi The Killer. It is a very very gross movie, Kill Bill is nothing compared to it. I still managed to finish watching the movie without puking. Overall the movie was ok but the ending is very weird. Watch Ichi The Killer trailer.

I also downloaded Zatoichi, which is a NC16 show and it is going to show here soon. I don’t think it is worth to watch it in the cinema because our dear MDA always love to censor stuffs. In term of gross, I think it can’t beat Ichi and from what I heard the ending is very weird too.

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Starsky And Hutch

Went to school yesterday to take the letter from the school, the last try to take 3 days leave from PTP in case I could not get a silver from IPPT. According to the personal in charge of Tekong, during PTP should be able to get 3 days off. Army is so big that have so many departments and each of them say different things.

Had lunch with my mom at Long House, the food there is so-so although heard many say there is quite alot of good food there.

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Movies & Images

My ITP more or less done. Now left with testing and debugging.

Went to jog with my friends at Queenstown Stadium, finally can jog 2.4km non-stop. Did train on pull up with the help of them. I hope every week I can increase 400m in running and try to do pulll-up. If everything goes on well, when PTP come, I can get silver for IPPT at the end of the 2 weeks, and then my BMT will start in August according to CMPB.

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