BMW 318

I am getting lazier and lazier to blog, last time used to blog everyday, then once in 2 days, but now once in 3 days.

Had lunch at Lei Garden at Orchard Plaza, thus another item had been struck off from my “food to eat before NS” list. Head to Heeren later to the Converse store there, did not find anything to buy. Think will save my voucher for the next time.

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ICT Dinner And Dance

I have been busy/lazy to blog these days. Here is a recap of the pass 3 days.

Jackey, Terry, LiXiang, Laily and Suqin left for their Malaysia backpacking trip. They called me at night after they reached Malacca. They are staying in a motel and will be leaving for KL on Saturday.

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Cheeky Monkey

Suppose to go Zouk yesterday but there was a private function, NUS Bash. End up we went to Mohammad Sultan, Cheeky Monkey. Charlene, Jean, Stacey, Zhi Wei and I was there first. Hafiz, Lester Goh and Ron joined us later. The music there was hip-hop, don’t really like it, still prefer Techno/Trance. People vomiting and people fighting was common. No wonder there are always police car parked down there. Saw 2 guys carrying 1 girl I presumed is too weak or drunk to walk on her own. She have to pray that those 2 guys are gentlemen else it is the end for her.

Ron and Goh drove us for supper at River Valley, at there we witness a very minor car accident, the driver was a P-Plate driver and he was doing parallel parking and the back hit down a motorcycle parked down there and the oil was leaking after that. Luckily there no fight was involved.

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My New Router

Been very busy these days even though I should stay at home more often. Here is a recap.

Was at home the whole afternoon. In the evening went to jogging with Calvin and YongTang. Been 3 weeks since I last jogged and after clocking a time of 12 minutes for only 5 rounds, I could not continue the 6th round. That was really bad. Went for some dessert at the hawker center opposite Queenstown Stadium, luckily it was still open.

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Eventful Weekend

This is an extremely long post.

Went to school for a Job Hunting. It was quite ok, but seems to me that all the topics are being covered in my TBCM(Technical Business and Communication) module. Went to foodcourt 6 later, did not eat any food because I am still full, kinda regretted because I starting to miss school food. Saw quite a number of my classmates, is like 1 corner of the foodcourt belongs to us(DMMT). Chatted for almost 3 hours, Ahmad came and return us our past year MORG/CANI assignments.

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Nice Weather

Today’s weather is really nice. Raining is always the best time to eat Laksa or Steamboat and maybe sleep. Thus, went with my mom to eat the Depot Road Laksa.

Today is also the last day of our Internship, but tomorrow need to go to school for a talk on Job Hunting. Since I think it is quite useful, I am going for it.

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Linkin Park Coming To Singapore

Linkin Park will be coming to Singapore on Tuesday, 22nd June 2004 at the Padang. I am 101% going to miss it unless I defer using my WSC, because on Tuesday, I will be in camp.

LINKIN PARK will be playing at the Padang on JUNE 22. The show will be all standing, with at least 20,000 tix available. Tix will be priced at $85-$150, will go on sale in the next 2 weeks.

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Funny: Company Memo

Saw this funny article on the last page of 8 days issue 709 (May 6 – May 13, 2004). I find it is quite good, so decided to type it out word for word and share it with you guys.

Company Memo
Welcome back to the office after Labour Day. Please be advised that there are new rules and regulations implemented to raise the efficiency of our Organization.

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The Punisher

Saw The Punisher last night. It was quite a good movie, storyline and action was quite good. Definitely better than Daredevil. If you are a Marvel fan, it is a must watch movie. It will be out in Singapore somewhere 2nd week of June. Definitely it will be PWC (Passed With Cuts) means it will be censored because a few scenes containing violence and nudity. But it is a very minor part, so overall it is still ok.

Went out with Calvin and Victor today to Bugis and Suntec for a walk/talk/see girls. Bought a Dragonball Z VCD set containing 14 VCDs. Now I have the complete collection on Dragonball Z and GT. And yes, I am a Dragonball fan till now.

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Nike Cap

Went to shop for some stuffs yesterday with Jackey and LiXiang, all the way from Wheelock to Plaza Singapura. Bought a Nike Cap for $23, shall use that for army purposes. Wanted to buy a slippers/sandals, thought of getting Teva, but their biggest size is 10. Had dinner at Ajisen Ramen in Plaza Singapura before having a chill out session at Starbucks.

X-Box Live is also having a launch at Ngee Ang City. It seems the whole of Orchard Road is extremely crowded yesterday. Had a hard time walking around in shopping centers when always there is a person in front of you taking his/her own sweet time to walk.

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