Nokia Connection 2011

This year Nokia Connection 2011 took place within CommunicAsia 2011 itself and it is the first time it is being held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Stephen Elop, CEO, Nokia was also in town to give the opening keynote. The main highlight of Nokia Connection 2011 was the Nokia N9. Other minor ones include Symbian Anna will be coming in August 2011, new dual SIM phones like the C2-03, C2-06, new single SIM phone like the C2-02, Nokia Browser, Nokia Life Tools, Maps for Series 40, Nokia Play 360 and Nokia Wireless Music Receiver MD-310.

Nokia N9

Nokia N9 Press Image

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Power Support Smart Pen

Bought the Power Support Smart Pen for Li Xiang from Challenger for S$39.90. There are 4 colors available, Pink, Black, Brushed and Stainless. I got the Brushed one.

It is made in Korea and felt pretty solid in my hands. I will not be using it because I don’t or rather I can’t draw on my iPad. I think it is suited more for designers as they can draw better with a stylus than their fingers on an iPad. You can’t control the thickness of the stroke though just by using the pen, if not that would be perfect!

Packaging Front

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TikTok + LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

TikTok + LunaTik is a multi-touch watch kits meant for Apple iPod Touch Nano (6th Generation). It is the most successful KickStarter project, raising a total of US$941,718. At first I was skeptical about it, but eventually as the deadline for the project grew closer, Li Xiang decided to just get it for me (thanks dear)!

She was the backer for LunaTik (US$50) alongside with the other 5,012 backers.

Box Front

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Sony Ericsson Fitness Experience Pack

Looks like a good alternative to Apple iPod Nano 6G.

The “Sony Ericsson Fitness Experience Pack” is aimed at sports and fitness enthusiasts. It contains the Sony Ericsson LiveView, a sport application for the LiveView – The SportyPal Pro – and a carrying case for your mobile phone – ideal for exercising. The “Sony Ericsson Fitness Experience Pack” is currently available at all Sony Ericsson retail stores at a recommended retail price of S$128.

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Nokia Box Message #3

Yesterday was #NokiaBox Message #3. The task is unboxing of a gigantic box which contains 2 phones, the Nokia C6. I get to know the details before hand after seeing Mark’s post, Behind the Scenes #NokiaBox Unboxing at Times Square.

I met up with Simon from WOM World at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it was my first time in the hotel itself. I was expecting the unboxing to be done at the river walk along the convention center. And I least expect the unboxing to be done at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark! I always wanted to go up but I can’t justify paying S$20 for it for non-hotel guest. Nevertheless I was surprise and happy that I can get to visit the SkyPark!


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MicroSIM Cards in Singapore

Last Saturday, 29th May 2010, Starhub and M1 begun selling MicroSIM cards and SingTel will follow behind on 1st June 2010 which is tomorrow.

No idea whether does the telecos here allow MultiSIM card to have MicroSIM or it is strictly for data plans only. Nevertheless, you still can cut it to MicroSIM size by using just a scissors. Just BECAREFUL not to even snip a bit off the golden metal contact point as it will make the SIM card useless.

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HP Envision the Future

On Saturday, I attended an event with Li Xiang organized by HP and Microsoft. The event theme was “Envision the Future”. The event was held at Giraffe Restaurant & Bar which is directly opposite Istana/Plaza Singapura. For a start, the food was not bad!

We each have a name tag and on top of it, we are supposed to write what we think of the future. Everyone’s one future was pretty generic like “bright”, “exciting”, “soon”, “nice”, “now”, etc. I decided against the norm and put, “Future is Future loh”. I wanted to put “bleak” but it sounds generic as well. Li Xiang’s put “Future is astonishing”.
The ice breaker session was first, we are split into two teams and tasked to made/imagine a futuristic object based on the “old” objects that we are given. Li Xiang and I was in Team A

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Sony ICF-C1iPMK2

Bought the Sony ICF-C1iPMK2 for S$157. The retail price is S$179 but after the member discount it is S$159. And after deducting off the carpark claim of S$2, it became S$157.

It fits my iPhone 3GS well. You do not need a iPhone 3G Universal Dock Adapter because there is a support at the back which you can adjust so that your iPhone 3GS can lie on it comfortably.

Box – Front View

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