Foldio 2 – Portable Lightbox

· · · Camera

Foldio 2 is a portable lightbox that you can easily bring around for product shots. It can be easily folded and assembled using it’s simple magnetic structure.

Foldio 2 was successfully funded on Kickstarter on the 17th January 2015 after raising US$541,991 out of their initial goal of US$50,000 from 6,729 backers.

I was one of the early backers and I paid US$55 (S$74) for the Foldio 2 set. International shipping is an additional US$19 (S$26) via DHL express.

The initial delivery date is in March 2015 but like most Kickstarter projects, there will be delay and hence I got it about 2 months later on the 21st May 2015.

Each Foldio 2 set comes with dual LED light strips (with dimmer), four backdrops (green, black, grey and white), carrying bag and international power adapter kit. Each LED light strips contains 27 LED chips.

I ordered two separate diffusers for US$3 (S$4) each for the Foldio 2 but unfortunately it didn’t come with the package (I guess it is a separate shipment).

Foldio 2 - Box Front
Foldio 2 – Box Front

Foldio 2 - Box Back
Foldio 2 – Box Back

Foldio 2 - Box Open
Foldio 2 – Box Open

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Apple Store iOS App Now Available in Singapore

· · · Software

After today’s update to Apple Store iOS App, I just realised the app is now available for all Singapore App Store users! Previously, I tried to download it and it just say it is not available in my region yet.

Apple Store app on iOS
Apple Store app on iOS

With WWDC 2015 taking place from 8th June 2015 till 12th June 2015, Tim Cook will probably announce the second wave of countries for the Apple Watch and I am pretty sure Singapore will be in. On a side note, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has listed Apple Watch in it’s database.

Apple Store iOS App - FeaturedApple Store iOS App - Shop
Apple Store iOS App

Perhaps, with the launch of Apple Watch in Singapore, there will be an official Apple Store in Singapore finally? And maybe that explains the official Apple Store iOS app being made available in Singapore? Or another reason I can think of is Apple want to let you find Apple Premium Resellers in Singapore easier?

Apple Store iOS App - StoresApple Store iOS App - Stores - Apple Premium Resellers in Singapore
Apple Store iOS App

Getting Real IP For nginx & Blocking IP on HAProxy

· · · Programming

In Tech in Asia, we are using HAProxy as our load balancer and the request is passed on to either of the two web servers running on nginx to process the request. Because the request always comes from the load balancer, under the access logs, the IP will always be the load balancer IP.


Our HAProxy uses the setting option forwardfor which will forward the original client’s IP under the “X-Forwarded-For” header.


On nginx, there is a module called ngx_http_realip_module which is used to change the client address to the one sent in the specified header field. This module is already included in the nginx’s pre-built packages.

Here is the snippet of code that we are using in nginx to get the client’s IP from the X-Forwarded-For header so that the access logs will record the client’s IP correctly.
set_real_ip_from; # Load Balancer Internal IP
real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;

Once we got the IP and if the IP is a trouble maker, we can block them on HAProxy.
acl block_ips src
tcp-request connection reject if block_ips

The above config under the frontend section will block the IP and at the TCP level. You can add more IPs to the list by delimiting it with spaces.

LG G4 Available In Singapore From 30th May 2015

· · · Mobile Phone

The LG G4 will be available in Singapore from Saturday, 30th May 2015, for a recommended retail price (RRP) of S$998 for the leather back cover and S$928 for the metallic finish back cover.

Registration of interest will start on 15th May 2015 till 24th May 2015 at participating telcos (M1 and StarHub). If you registered your interest, you are entitled to exclusive premiums worth up to S$292 when you buy the LG G4. These premiums are:

  • 64GB MicroSD card
  • Extra Battery & Charger Cradle
  • Genuine Leather Quick Circle Cover (for purchases of the LG G4 in leather)

LG G4 - Leather Brown (Front)
LG G4 – Leather Brown (Front)

LG G4 - Leather Brown (Side)
LG G4 – Leather Brown (Side)

It only comes in one variant which is 32GB and it available in five different colors:

  • Leather Black
  • Leather Brown
  • Leather Red
  • Metallic Gray
  • Shiny Gold

LG G4 - Leather Black
LG G4 – Leather Black

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SHAPL – Smart Shower Container

SHAPL designs and manufactures Smart Shower Containers. The containers are good for travel but you can also use it at the gym or at home. They are Bisphenol A (BPA) free and definitely recyclable.

SHAPL - Packaging Front
SHAPL – Packaging Front

SHAPL - Packaging Back
SHAPL – Packaging Back

SHAPL - Packaging
SHAPL – Packaging

The containers are available in two sizes, 65ml and 35ml. They come in a pack of six, three or standalone. For the pack of six, you can have three 65ml containers and three 35ml containers or just six 65ml containers.

SHAPL - 35ml - Pack Of 3
SHAPL – 35ml – Pack Of 3

SHAPL - 65ml - Pack of 3
SHAPL – 65ml – Pack of 3

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